Month: February 2016

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Caliphate


She’s Italian, but representative of a lot of American women. Hoping to “foster love” between the West and the Muslim world, she hitchhiked from Italy to Israel and was murdered by Muslims in Turkey.

File under: When altruistic virtue signaling goes horribly wrong.

It’s “for the children”


How to raise a school shooter.

Ethan Wilwert’s mother says her 8-year-old son’s detractors are wrong—not only does he look great made up, we should accept our children for who they are. […]

It’s clear from the photo how talented and happy Ethan is: Dramatic eyebrows, smoky shades of blue around his eyes, and richly plum lips in a pout that reveals just a hint of smile. There is joy in his fabulous, fierce expression. […]

“This kid will grow up to be well-adjusted, self-actualized, and will literally give not one f**k to the remaining insecure misogynists in our culture who will likely toss out insults at this kid from a place of cowardly anonymity,” wrote one online commentator in response to the story.


Ethan’s father is a graphic designer, and while he and Wilwert are no longer together…

Looks like DAD got the jump on that F YOU.

Child psychology experts endorse Wilwert’s encouraging, open-minded parenting.

(((child psychology experts))) Let me tell you about my genderfluidity-accepting mother…. BLAM!