Month: March 2015

Awards Used To Mean Something

Story. She’s the First Sergeant of crying like a widdle baby to the thoughtcrime police. The person who submitted this GBA photo writes,

A female Army 1SG (First Sergeant) received an award for policing harassment online due to violations of the Army’s SHARP (sexual harassment and rape prevention) program.

A 1SG in the Army works with a Captain, who is the company’s Commander. Think 90-120 soldiers. This woman has probably been in the Army 15-25 years.1SGs are the busiest people in the Army; responsible essentially for all these soldiers, their problems, and for executing the Captain’s intent. No one has a greater list of tasks.

Anyway, the U.S. Army is now handing out awards for this.

Who would fight anymore for this disfigured system? Maybe in the future America will win wars by menstruating on the enemy.