1. To be fair the second smaller woman is white, but your overall point is clearly true. Why oh why would anyone of the normal in this country even think of joining this cluster f. ??

    All glory is fleeting. Stop trying to preserve a nation that is long gone. It’s people transformed and rotted out. Preserve you and yours until the rot destroys itself and turns into something manageable for the future. Something massive is coming soon and it will be unpleasant for all.


    1. “Stop trying to preserve a nation that is long gone. It’s people transformed and rotted out.”

      [Laughs] You must be a southron.


  2. lzolzozlzozlolz

    At the end of this great movie, Kyle (born without arms or legs; went on to be a high school wrestler and fight in an MMA fight) is motivating wounded vets who have lost limbs. Funny, in that room of about 20 wounded vets, not one was a woman.


    Still to this day, as MSM Jewry throws feminism in our face 24/7 nonstop, putting women in the military with no physical requirements, when it comes time, only the men do the fighting.

    Then MSM literally creates a fictional story about a blonde woman doing a rescue of some captured solider. And puts only women on propaganda. If one were to look only at MSM, one would think there are no white men in the military.

    Didn’t see any Jewish wounded vets either. White, black, and Hispanic men fight and are maimed and die for Jewry’s cause, still.

    Then MSM is nonstop male bashing all day long.

    It’s maddening.

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  3. Not that very many of them ever actually will face any combat, but if they do, they will learn precisely what the phrase “war is hell” really means:



    It appears the last one wet herself before expiring.
    I’m sure it was because she was overwhelmed with joy at getting to partake in the “male privilege” of wartime combat. U-go-grrrrll!!!

    Take note ladies – Xena, Lara Croft and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are all make-believe.


  4. If I had a dollar for every movie or TV show that depicted a 120 lb woman defeating a 200+ pound man, I could buy out Hollywood. This is purposeful brainwashing by these psychological vampires to emasculate men— first psychologically, for from there everything else will fall into place. I am astonished daily at the continuous assault. If we ever re-institute the gallows, many in the media and their cronies in Hollyweird and academia need to swing from them.


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