Author: theaugury

Targeting the most suggestible for poz injections: teen girls

The reader who submitted the pic writes,

Saw this in the drugstore

Short hair: √
Tattoos: √
Body Positivity: √
Period Sex: √

Fuck it, burn it all down.


Child Indoctrination

“My name is Harmonica Sunbeam,” the reader said, in a voice used to loud rooms. As a warm-up, she had the children sing “This Land Is Your Land” and then march vigorously in place. “I’m getting you ready for Zumba,” she said to laughter from the over-6 set.

She sat down and read aloud from “Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress” by Christine Baldacchino. The book is about a boy who wore a beloved dress to school every day.

Didn’t the final Fatima Prophecy warn about this very thing?