1. Seven women, zero man.
    Women are pathetic attention whores, obsessed with their little person and with ridiculously oversized egos.


    1. Yep. And yet if you suggest that women should not be able to vote, pointing out that this was the deal in the original constitution, not a completely “evil crazy Nazi misogynist” idea, which was, in fact, supported by many women anti-suffragates who wrote reasoned articles why women should not be able to vote. And even if you turn on the TV and show them Bridezillas and simply look at our society today, with the lack of respect for marriage, children, and fathers, any woman will see you as the Devil himself.



      1. In fact, in some countries like UK, women tend to be more alcoholics than men. As for the “deranged lunatics”, you want probably to joke when you make of this a typically manly feature.


      2. at least those morons had the excuse of being blind drunk. What is the excuse of the well-dressed, affluent, and pretty obviously sober attention whores above?


      3. “ooh a white knight, sir corvinus…”

        No, I am merely pointing out that vanity is a human trait, fuckface.


      4. Can you explain what is the relationship between the snapshot and vanity?
        Can you tell us if nearly all the “white” “males” are not spiritually and mentally feminized?


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