1. This is the stuff God’s biblical retribution comes down upon our heads for.

    Yellowstone can’t erupt soon enough. If the interim is long enough you can only pray these kids will end up hating (or killing) the parents forever.

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  2. I’m not going to openly advocate for the parents to hung from lamp posts by the neck until dead. No, I’m not going to strenuously advocate for that, as that would be in violation of lots of rules, and laws, and codes of conduct. Vociferously advocating for the parents to be strung up by neck until dead would just be plain “not ok”, which is why I’m not doing it. At all.

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    1. No need to ask: any one dressing a female child like that would be absolutely excoriated for “sexualizing a child!”. Which is totally wrong, of course, unlike this filth.


      1. What happened is, the “””Greatest Generation””” ignored Joseph McCarthy, and now the bolsheviks are everywhere.

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    1. Check Voxday. There’s a post there about filing for arbitration. It will cost you $250, and cost WordPress thousands. And you might win, too.


      1. Thank you! It’s CH personally I’m worried about. No doubt he has it all backed up somewhere. Regardless, your efforts are appreciated!


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