Rape Farm


I think State Farm deleted this tweet. What kind of degenerate anti-White psychos does State Farm employ?

A reader noticed the ring is facing the google, and that it looks like he’s stealing it from her.

Also, the girl looks about twelve. Promoting mudsharking and pedophilia in one tweet. Great idea, State Farm!



First, I’m getting strong gayface from this evangelicuck.

Second, you have to read the story behind the photo. It’s like finally discovering what Western Civ looks like when it hits rock bottom.

It’s bad enough to get unknowingly cucked by your wife. It’s worse to willingly acquiesce to your cuckoldry. It’s beyond our mortal comprehension to self-cuck so hard you sign a pact with your wife to have her implanted with three black embryos which she carries to term and births into your waiting arms, a dumb open-mouthed grin plastering your face.