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SHH! This is a LIE-brary!

ljl at that banal intersectionalist poopytalk at the bottom.

The American Library Association has been overrun by nümales, dykes, and pussyhatters. Stern purse-lipped schoolmarms have been replaced by gloryhole faced dweebs and purple-lipped rug munchers whose only purpose is to corrupt history and erase the contributions of White men to civilization. Ben Franklin wept.

The Childhood Reeducation Camps Are Fully Operational

The person who submitted the photo adds the obvious,

Totalitarians have been using brainwashing techniques to get the masses to believe all sorts of shit, so the fact that second graders know all these definitions is not really surprising.  What is shocking is that they’re being fed this crap in the first place.

The brainwashing is more invidious than at first glance. The public schools are filling the kids’ heads with poz, and shaming the parents for being too stupid or backward to keep up with their own kids’ educational development. The parents then feel pressure to swallow the public school poz loads so they don’t let down their kids or risk ostracism from other parents.