1. In the old days one might say, as a consolation prize, a physically ugly woman was “beautiful on the inside.” And that was no small consolation, at least in terms of healthy self esteem. Can we say this about 99% of the disgustingly ugly freaks of today, who are slovenly, crude, vulgar, and self-absorbed in the extreme?


  2. “a physically ugly woman was “beautiful on the inside.”

    Aye! There’s the rub.

    The key word being WOMAN.

    By its name, it appears to be a female example of its species. Though it’s hard to tell by appearance alone.

    Humans give their pets Human names all the time. Even indulging in affectionate anthropomorphism. Ascribing human aims and motivations to their behaviours.
    It makes them no more Human than the sub-Saharan stick-age creature in the above feature.

    In their defence, Dogs are Man’s best friend. Cats being a Woman’s best friend.
    I’m not aware of widespread displays of affection for our Canine or Feline companions, from the
    above demographic.

    Revisionism for instance, is at base, the adjustment of ones perception of any given narrative, in the face of fresh evidence pertaining to the object of inquiry.
    Irrefutable evidence.

    It happens in all fields of Human endeavour. Science, Law Enforcement, and Medicine being three of the most obvious.
    It could be THE most important Human function, in terms of survival, personally and collectively.

    The alternative being ironically, the “Three Wise Monkeys” approach.
    Leaving Humanity at the mercy of all kinds of avoidable negative outcomes.

    Lately, Genetic studies have been surfacing that put the lie to many assumptions taken for granted by well meaning, but ultimately delusional Humans, as regards the above hideous,
    barely functional in Human terms by any measure,

    The wilful ignorance of such evidences, and the cavalier insistance on its suppression, can be only harmful to Humanity. Perhaps fatal.
    Clinging to a Flat Earth theory, for fear of having to leave childish things behind, and become an adult.

    Or pehaps some of the “ultimately delusional” carry agendas inimical to Empirical evidence, for reasons that benefit their own interests and goals, in some mysterious way!

    The Jury, in the form of the Genome project, is in.

    The verdict being, that the Hominid above, is to Human, what a Vulture is to an Eagle.
    What an Ostrich is to a penguin.
    A wolf to a Yorkshire Terrier.
    A Gorilla to a Chimpanzee.
    A unique and separate species.

    The forcing of one, in to the proximity of the other, being a recipe for disaster, with easily predictable results.
    Premeditatedly cruel, and a crime against Nature, Man and God.

    Or have my five Human senses been lying to me?

    Johnny Cash and David Bowie, among others, “got jiggy” with the like of the above.
    Some breeding cross species Mutants.

    As Abba one sang catchily, “Mamma Mia!!!!”

    What can you do against a Bantu Hullabaloo?


    1. Johnny Cash, really? No wonder he’s the country icon of choice for all the millennial libtards who otherwise hate country music.


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