Watching The Fire Burn

Background. A son of Albion on-duty fireman wouldn’t move his truck, so he was arrested by a son of Aztlán. Expect to see more of this low trust-fueled aggression between vibrancy and stability in coming decades.


  1. That’s the CHP (California Highway Patrol), happened last year. They shouldn’t even be considered as law enforcement being that they truly don’t understand police work. Their sole responsibility is giving DUIs, handing out chicken shit citations, and clearing accidents off the freeways in CA. I’ve worked with them, they’re total clusterfucks when it comes to anything involving an actual crime. No city/county run police department (especially in California) would ever do this to a fire fighter. It’s a fucking travesty and completely embarrassing. But whatever, I’m just another racist, white male cop, everything will end up being my fault anyway.

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  2. Firefighters have the image of being heroes. Police could have a similar image too if they would quit worrying about catching speeders so much and worry more about protecting law abiding citizens by stopping criminals. But attempting to handcuff a fireman at the scene of an accident is exactly the wrong Public relations move.


  3. Videos of similar situations to this one can be found on YouTube. Sometimes police deside to power trip on firemen or emergency services personnel for no good reason other than ego.


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