Awards Used To Mean Something

Story. She’s the First Sergeant of crying like a widdle baby to the thoughtcrime police. The person who submitted this GBA photo writes,

A female Army 1SG (First Sergeant) received an award for policing harassment online due to violations of the Army’s SHARP (sexual harassment and rape prevention) program.

A 1SG in the Army works with a Captain, who is the company’s Commander. Think 90-120 soldiers. This woman has probably been in the Army 15-25 years.1SGs are the busiest people in the Army; responsible essentially for all these soldiers, their problems, and for executing the Captain’s intent. No one has a greater list of tasks.

Anyway, the U.S. Army is now handing out awards for this.

Who would fight anymore for this disfigured system? Maybe in the future America will win wars by menstruating on the enemy.


  1. Some Laguna? I’ve looked at them this way for years. It was easily foreseeable as far back as GI Jane and the very public “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

    The military is not a bubble. It is constrained by the very politicians and “democratic” sentiments leading this putrid culture. How then, absent an actual REAL conflict of some danger of defeat would this not be so.???

    I’m always amazed reading history when people say they could never see the Nazis or Stalinists or some other crazy thing coming. If you are led by psychos and incompetents in a culture overrun with filth and immorality, how exactly are the practitioners of violence in said society going to be anything other than evil?

    The sad thing is that in general good corn-fed whites stack this bloated corpse of a force, but as they see the light less and less will be apart of it. If it is this bad now, imagine a future with almost an entirely minority military run by the culture we live in now. It is not pleasant for whites and normals.


    1. imagine a future with almost an entirely minority military run by the culture we live in now

      Yes, it’s a sobering thought, and one that most people (especially those on our side) would rather not entertain for now. The implications are very troubling to say the least. It can be argued that the power elites are importing non-whites in large part to be used as a domestic force (activists, soldiers, terrorists) against the indigenous White population. They are recruiting militants and mercenaries to be used against native Whites. They are gearing up for civil war. And still our people sleep.


      1. If you’re looking for the bright side, the history of whites vs. non-whites in military conflict is pretty one-sided in favor of the white side. The only non-whites who have ever been able to give Caucasians a run for their money are East Asians, and it’s not like the U.S. military is filling up with them. The only way a “diverse” military of NAMs, lesbians, and SJWs could slow down a real military ( such as Russia, China, or the military we had as recently as twenty-five years ago) is with the wreckage of its vehicles. Still, sad to see what was once a proud and victorious force transformed into this…


    2. In World War I, the officers were terrible and often got their men killed. The expression was,lions being led by donkeys.” How appropriate for today.


  2. Yeah, even civilians working for the Army have to go through the SHARP online training course annually. There’s a few video case study segments in the training that basically teach you to be a cock-blocker whenever a woman is drinking at the bar while a guy is “gaming” her. Fuck ’em.

    After learning of the “red pill”, there is no point in going overseas to defend this system that is growing hostile to white guys. I’m disgusted with how these bitch wives at home cheat and divorce their military husbands, especially the faithful beta veterans, while these guys are getting their asses shot off in Afghanistan and sending home a paycheck and benefits.

    Unlike Korean and Vietnam veterans, those poor guys serving in the Middle East don’t even have a sexual outlet with the local women when they are “off-duty”, mainly due to Islamic cultural restraints and our anti-male regulations. Don’t be the poor bastard at the 2:00 mark on this vid:

    There is no point in being another “Audie Murphy” these days for these ingrates.


    1. Look at that no-chin, monkey eared mook. Would a man with that little mandibular fortitude even be allowed into the army?
      She looks like she’s trying to devour what’s left of her chin whole. Num num num..


  3. I came of age to enlist in the military around the time of the Bosnia conflict. Milosovic was “ethnically cleansing” his country of muslims, if memory serves. What i remember clearly from that time was talking to my dad, a proud Marine, about joining the military. He said we were on the wrong side of that war, and he qould be damned if he would support his son joining a military whose mission was killing white people trying to defend their land against what were essentially their niggers. Wise the old man was.


  4. That bitch looks like she spent a long time sucking on the D. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if that’s how she went up in rank.


  5. “Look at that no-chin, monkey eared mook. Would a man with that little mandibular fortitude even be allowed into the army?”

    At least he manned up by signing up.


    1. There were a lot of good, brave men who signed up to serve Nazi Germany and the USSR. They were good men, and many fought with astonishing courage, but they were deeply misguided, because their cynical “leaders”, most of whom were cowards and incompetents, wasted their courage and honor on deranged schemes to increase their own power, or to remake the world in their own image. In the end, they died for nothing, and their courage and dedication were twisted into ruination for their countries and people.

      I’m certainly not comparing the current U.S. to the above regimes – yet. But we’re headed that way, and I would not urge a young patriotic man of honor to join our military, as long as it continues to serve the goals of an elite who hate young patriotic men of honor, and everything they stand for. There are plenty of ways to “man up” and serve your people, community and nation without fostering the goals of a corrupt transnational elite.


      1. Excellent Toddy, this more than anything sums up the last century and why it keeps repeating itself. The idea of fighting for nations under democracy should be sickening to anyone with a hint of reason and a soul.

        Why does one fight? For Obama’s vision? For Nixon’s? For Ivy League doofuses?? There is no cause. What these men and women suit up for is meaningless at this point. There is no singular culture, oversized family, uniting religion, or even basic ethnicity to unite anything in democracies. What one PFC feels he is fighting for is often very different from what a specialist down the hall is fighting for. The higher ups are basically political whores. On top ofthis we dare not fight anyone real so we spend BILLIONS a yearblowing up sheep ranchers and poppi farmers. All so several corporations can bathe in money, pasty doofuses with “I’m hard, but don’t want to do any fighting” attitudes can create policy, and Jews in Israel can feel erroneously safe.

        This leads nowhere. Democracy is Satan incarnate by utter confusion. The obvious solutions get blurred to the masses and any charlatan can take advantage of this. Once we becomes a fully mutted out Bablyon 5, expect all hell to brake loose and whatever prevalent culture in your local base will decide who pays and who dies.


      2. Hitler won the Iron Cross in WWI, Goering was an ace, many of the Nazi leaders fought in the streets against the Reds. Stalin was a Bolshevik thug who robbed banks. Churchill and Roosevelt were pampered aristocrats with little or no military experience and guaranteed seats of power who cynically played with the lives of their people, and those of other nations, as if they were mere chess pieces. Roosevelt was a pro-Communist traitor who headed an administration filled with Soviet spies and agents. He knew Pear Harbor would happen beforehand, and he and Churchill gave away half of Germany and all of eastern Europe to the Soviets, as well as sending anti-Soviet Russians and Ukrainians back to the USSR to die in Stalin’s dungeons. Exactly who were the cynical, cowardly and incompetent “leaders”? The ones who died for nothing were the Allied soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors who defeated the Axis for governments who ultimately betrayed them in the name of this multiracial, globalist nightmare.

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      3. gkruz,

        Churchill actually had plenty of military experience both as a soldier and as a civilian war correspondent.

        After the embarrassment of Gallipoli Churchill rejoined the army and went to the Western Front. As essentially a nobleman Churchill was supposed to be in a headquarters but transferred to the front because he could get away with drinking there while he couldn’t touch a drop behind the lines.


  6. ”At least he manned up by signing up”
    So you think ”manning up” is the same thing as volunteering to take a bath in a septic tank?
    You have a strange idea of ”manning up”.
    Tell me why it’s actually a good thing to sign up for this.


    1. Signing up to defend your country is honorable and an overall worthwhile endeavor, despite some of the PC bullshit in the military. Case closed, the dude “manned up”.


      1. “Signing up to defend your country is honorable and an overall worthwhile endeavor”

        Indeed it is. But is this still our country – is it still America? Or is it theirs?


  7. I was in the military for a while. Used to have pride in doing the manly stuff. But this is a travesty that people see and they think two things – they’re compelled by groupthink to have positivefeels for the woman, and it reinforces their view that the military is largely another bullshitty bureaucracy overridden by careerist shrikes, and it’s no longer about winning wars… ok, that’s 3 things, but you get the point.


  8. Award title: ‘I squeal’ …. to defend the PC elite.

    Just contemptible. And nothing to do with defense of the nation.

    Sadly nothing in politics functions to defend the nation–only the treasonous parasites hiding within it.


  9. My dad is rolling in his grave. He was a First Sergeant when he was medically retired in 1972. He served in both WWII and the Vietnam War. He was from the old Regular Army.

    As to the proliferation of medals, look no further than pictures of Admirals and Generals from the WWII era. They may have had maybe 2 or 3 rows of ribbons. Contrast that to today where you see high ranking officers in the US military with enough rows of ribbons to make you think they were Field Marshalls in the Red Army. I checked Gen. Odierno and he has 9 rows fo ribbons


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