1. this little gay kid dresses himself. he was on an episode of Tosh.0, it’s sad that he’s being taken seriously, instead of remaining on comedy shows.


  1. Disgusting. You posted recently at CH that next up on the cultural Marxists’ agenda is normalizing pederasty. Looks like they’re already starting. If this kid really chooses to be like this (and it hasn’t been encouraged by his parents), then he is mentally ill. Mentally ill people need help, not for their mental illness to be treated like something normal, or worse, lionized.

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  2. Behold the perfect consumer – genderless, possessing disposable income, and willing to buy whatever tacky garbage their peers are wearing.

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  3. Classic! Progressives protest American Apparel ads that sexualize 25-year old women, and celebrate American Apparel ads that sexualize pre-pubescent boys! Progressives: making the world safe for paedophiles!

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  4. I know “Gay Face” is a phenomenon substantiated by science, but what about “Gay Jewish Face”? This kid’s got it in spades.


  5. I wonder how long it will be till clothing sellers stop classifying garments as either “men’s” or “women’s” because of the potential for offense to trannies and similar ilk. Not long, I’d bet.


  6. Did anyone stop to think that MAYBE the way a person dresses doesn’t make them any better or worse of a person? This kid is expressing himself, what’s the problem with that? Cause he’s wearing pink? You do know that before the 1950s pink was a boys color, right? It’s a lighter shade of red and was seen as masculine because red was a strong color. Blue, on the other hand, represented the Virgin Mary and was seen as a feminine color. Then Hitler came along, (yes I’m serious) and put pink triangles on gay men in the Holocaust and because gay=bad in so many people’s minds the color pink no longer was acceptable for boys.

    TL;DR, it’s idiots like you who somehow think a wavelength of light is feminine/gay, and that a boy who wears a certain type of clothing, or god forbid, likes to kiss other boys, is weak and shameful. This ad isn’t demeaning or sexualized, you’re just seeing it like that because A) you’re uneducated and B) you’re probably projecting.

    Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna put on some pink socks and f**k my girlfriend of 6 months.

    {ed: so much try-hard butthurt. literally, in your case.}


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