Preschool For Adults

Do not adjust your set. This is real.

Is this infantilization a reaction to extreme social stress caused by atomization and fears of impending collapse? Or is it an excuse for androgynous furries to cuddle their micro boners against pink-haired hipsterettes?


  1. I think the only slender, bang-able chick in those photos is a paid assistant to the “teacher”. That helps explain why she would congregate with gamma males or eunuchs.

    As for impending collapse, I’d consider this vid a “Wake up, White Man” rallying cry against the cultural marxist Hivemind establishment’s BS…..


    1. Yes, replying to my own comment…in all seriousness, I have become too numb to react to each new manifestation of certifiable degeneracy that is AmeriKwa. Soon only the normal will be regarded as perverts and the sane as lunatics. But thank Gawd we beat Hitler!


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