1. Doesn’t even have to be the wifi. Have you ever put one on your lap? Fresh roasted nuts.
      For those playing along at home, that thing they’re wearing is https://www.google.com/search?q=oculus+rift
      Large, ungainly goggles with a smartphone inside. From what I’ve seen, the games are lame, pr0n is banned (per Zuckhead’s TOS) and thing looks both uncomfortable and stupid. Methinks it’s going to be the next Apple Watch – a dud.


      1. Actually, the SDK on Oculus is open, so pr0n can be purchased, just not through the Oculus store itself. No doubt (((someone))) will profit massively from keeping their Goy slaves occupied with very-realistic pr0n.


  1. Almost any photo of zuckerberg deserves to be posted on this site. And those of you who use FB, get down off of your high horses because you support him.


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