1. If you’re White and you vote or in any other way support a non-White, you’re a fucking cuck and deserve to be punched in the face and knocked down in the street.

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    1. Basically, this is the clearest representation of Western democratic, egalitarian, female-empowerment cuckism. Just look at the pictures in that post. That is the face of Europe. That is the face of the West.


    2. Why do they do this? Magic negroes, magic Mexicans, and now magic bindis? Who are they trying to impress? What are they atoning for and why do they think it will accomplish anything? Sick, maladaptive shit I tell you.


      1. The best case scenario is that they see the future minority status of the White race in the US and simply want desperately to cobble together another demographic so that the GOP doesn’t fade into history with the Whites.

        The more sinister possibility is that they are run by the same “group” (Igloo Dwellers, aka ykw) that runs the Democrats, and both parties are actively working toward the displacement of U.S. Whites.

        Either way, it’s clear that the GOP is not the party of the White American. Haven’t been for some time. Look at how the Republican party is plotting against Trump, who, unlike McCain or Romney, could actually take back the White House for them. They would rather have Hillary.


  2. Maybe I’m missing the point here and if so then guilty but Tim Scott and Nikki Haley are hardly what I’d call the problem. Marco may be, but not because he’s Cuban American but because he has bad ideas about governing.


  3. That picture is only one of the reasons that if the dumbass GOP somehow gives Trump the boot, I’ll give an angry vote the Dems merely to piss on the GOP and accelerate the decline!


  4. Nikki Halle (or whatever she’s calling herself these days) was a “see the light” moment for me. There was absolutely no way she had any right whatsoever to do anything with the Confederate Battle Ensign; I don’t care what office she holds. It was at that moment I saw the dispossession of whites for what it was. And two ancestors of mine died fighting for the Union–I’ll bet they respected the Johnny Rebs and the Confederate Battle Ensign more than did that carpetbagging opportunistic Sihk. Rubio and her–birds of a feather.


  5. When the time comes, when the phone, the god to whom all cucks and cuckessess pray no longer answers their bleats and moans, then their will be justice. When the shame of the wilderness crashes down upon those who never thought to learn that defense was even a necessity, there will be justice. When the cold unfeeling laws of entropy crush the precious bubble that has been cuckooning these petulant viruses, then there will be justice.

    Entropy grant us a time when all laughter ceases, and the only sound is a cry of grief and shame followed by the eternal hollow echoing of nothing.


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