1. Now, I have no idea what kind of feedback she received, and from whom — but if you follow the link, it says “How I became the target of hundreds of white supremacists from a video of Christmas morning” — that’s pretty much all you need to know about this brainwashed,empty-headed woman — she uses the pejorative term ‘white supremacist’ as a kind of insult, and as if it’s…not true, ie as if Whites do not produce civilizations that are superior in many ways — they ought to strap a parachute on this bitch, put the cord in her hand, and shove her out over Liberia, which has been independent since about 1850,and where Whites are not allowed to be citizens (look it up) — here are the first two sentences from the CIA World Factbook page on the economy of Liberia: Liberia is a low income country that relies heavily on foreign assistance. It is richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests, and a climate favorable to agriculture.

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  2. I skimmed this hag’s latest kvetching…she ends with “Im glad Im so much more evolved than these racists.” Goes on to say they’re “sheltered”.


    This freak makes a lifestyle out of “look at me and my high status diindu enriched whitey mcwhiterville lifestyle” and then talks about the trolls being “sheltered”

    The trolls, of course, have actual experience with the diversity in a reality based setting.

    God, I cant wait till this shit collapses.

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  3. I think it’s more sick that she adopted much older black boys. It’s like she wants her daughters to get raped. Could not imagine marring such a horrid woman. Might as well marry someone trying to pimp out your daughters. I find it ironic that asian women don’t have this suicidal attitude towards their children. They actually want to protect their daughters not turn them into little prostitutes. Reminds me of the mother that encouraged her blond daughter to go to africa for a humanitarian mission only to get raped by 100+ men. Clearly if this woman wants that she should just move over to Africa herself except she’s to much of a coward and hypocrite to do it. And I don’t mean just a vacation. I mean 6+ months.

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  4. On behalf of the Fake Nobel Committee and the “No-One Who Has Ever Existed In The Real World Society.” We proudly bestow upon Kristen Horenstein who is probably a Jew (c’mon the last name is the bona fides; don’t you bullshit a bullshitter you sneaky Jew cunt)
    You are the swellest number one a-o-k person ever! You’d have to be, because you adopted some stray niggers and bought your girls some black barbies. You really are the best person ever because you courageously chose to humblebrag on some blog. Your friends and family probably don’t ever get tired of hearing how hard it was to go through the adoption process for your black sons. And especially never get tired of hearing how much you love them as much as your own biological daughters and how it’s been challenging but you wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world!


    1. When you order your niglet, can you specifically ask for a Buckwheat, or do you just take what you can get?
      Also, they should’ve given both dolls to one girl. Now when the White doll needs her Slave doll to wash her laundry or whatever, Sister A needs to ask Sister B to borrow it. That’s gonna get old, fast.


    1. This is a litmus test for a healthy (read sustainable) society. In a healthy society, this narcissistic woman would (in descending order of health) a. not be allowed to adopt black kids, full stop; b. not be allowed to bring black kids into a home with white kids; c. ostracized by her peers for endangering her daughters and being a traitor to her own blood line.

      Instead, she is no doubt flattered almost obsequiously by her peers, and encouraged by government and child welfare organizations to bring these blacks into the home with the blonde daughters.

      A society that is that far removed from healthy survival instincts cannot endure indefinitely.


  5. If I had five minutes alone with this woman. What a self indulgent narcissist. Her daughters want dolls that look like them so they can pretend to be mommy. She has forced black men on them at a young age because mom would approve of black children. Here’s the kicker, why is she drawing attention to black people? They don’t want her pity. And it’s massively insulting. This is proof that she has no understanding of human psychology. No wonder they hate white folks. This picture says it all.

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  6. Maybe someone should start a shaming campaign for her based on the fact that she only adopted two blacks. Tell her a two to two ratio in this case is inherently unfair; the needs of black children are so far in excess of those of whites, that any truly committed social justice warrior like herself needs to set a better example-much better. Let’s say four blacks to two whites would redeem her in the eyes of the enlightened.

    Couch it as something she could write about on social media: “White racists tried to shame me about adopting my two precious black babies-I responded by adopting two more!”. I really think she would go for it…those privileged white daughters of hers have too many toys as it is. What in hell is she doing about their inherited sense of entitlement? Needs more black kids.

    The goal being to hasten the day when this woman’s financial infrastructure collapses, or she is eaten by her adopted black litter.

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  7. “How pathetic it must be for them to spend their life avoiding things that involve non-European cultures. The experiences they will never have.

    I have to admit, she has us on that. I’ll never have the experience of my daughter being found by the police in a puddle of blood and vomit after her negro boyfriend beats and rapes her, and then finishes her off by smothering her. It’s pathetic, but I’ll have to just accept it.



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