1. Let them take a stroll at night in any black majority city such, Selma, Baltimore, Detroit or Chicago so they can see how really fucking sorry they are going to be


      1. Under those circumstances, you mean so they can see how really fucking dead they are going to be. Or perhaps they are sorry they are progs/libs/socialists/commies???


  1. Which is why I wouldn’t send my daughter to college if they paid me. College is a cross between a Mexican brothel and a Cuban re-education camp.

    I don’t regret going to college, but every year there’s less reason for my sons to go, as the anti-white-male bias grows stronger and the STEM courses are dumbed-down for the benefit of women and non-Asian minorities. The humanities courses have always been a complete waste of time, though if you regurgitate their twaddle, it’s very easy to get an A.


    1. Where can I get one of these? Seriously…

      Incidentally, I too am deeply sorry about slavery. If various African potentates had just eaten their captives the way they had for thousands of years, instead of selling them, and various Europeans had been content to do their own stoop labor, I wouldn’t have to listen to endless reams of BS from Ta-Negrito Coates, or whatever the Hell his name is.

      Seriously, has there ever been an impulse more destructive to all concerned than the perennial human desire for cheap (or free) labor?


      1. Found it on Amazon. ProArt shirts carries a ton of kick ass military t-shirts. I also got a Selous Scouts t-shirt to celebrate the most effective COIN unit in history. Too bad an effective government had to cede power to a piece of shit like Robert Mugabe. Seriously, he has had all of his honorary degrees revoked, reminds me of another black communist.


      2. Yes, looking back on it, the betrayal of Rhodesia was yet another Establishment betrayal of a civilized government in favor of mass-murdering savages (see also Nationalist China, South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nicaragua, Iran, South Africa, Taiwan, Haiti, Kosovo, Angola, Cuba, etc, etc, etc…). Only Douglas MacArthur and Joe McCarthy kept South Korea off that list, for which the Left will never forgive them.


  2. This is absurd and out of control. My countrymen bowing down, literally and figuratively….Behavior like this makes me think it time for a reboot. An asteroid strike, supervolcano eruption…. something… to put an end to it.


    1. I can.. have you seen the PUSSIES they are calling a “real men” these days… I look at half the assholes and think: “Damn, when the Russians or the Chinese invade, I’m shooting these cucks FIRST!)

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      1. Back in the ’70’s, I used to think “My God, the Russians are going to invade and take over!” Now, I’m like “Yeah, but WHEN!?!”

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