1. Yes, considering that the Canucks had, pilot for pilot, the best air forces in both world wars, drew the toughest beach on D-Day, and once had the world’s third-largest navy, this is quite a comedown.


  1. There was once a quote attributed to the Duke of Wellngton along the lines of “When the enemy reads my lisf of commanders, I only hope that he trembles as I do.” When the West’s adversaries see our “soldiers” and “warriors” I only hope that they tremble as I do.

    And, yea, I know all about the Spartans. War was different then.


  2. Dear Russians,

    If you still have your eye on North America, I’d move on it right now. Canada is at an all-time low, and Obama’s time is just about up, and it looks like this Trump guy is gonna be Yuuuuuge. If you’re thinking Alaska, Canada, and the west coast would make nice real estate, now’s the time to do it.

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  3. I check GAIAP daily for new and depressing updates. This horrific documentation of western Fruitopia ruins my day every time I see these two turd burglars face fucking each other to a gaggle of cheering bystanders. Fuck this gay earth

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    1. This is disgusting, immoral behavior that disgraces the uniform of a once-great country. I wonder if they would have the guts to do this in front of the heroes of Juno beach, or Dieppe.

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  4. What bothers me is that these two are venerated for it. A poster above mentioned that there was a cheering crowd for this. It’s true. There is a video of this moment on Canada’s state run public broadcaster’s YouTube channel, and indeed there is a crowd of cheering people. It’s truly pathetic. Unlike probably most people on this site, I don’t have much of a problem with gay men, but what always angers me is when they are celebrated/ treated as idols just for liking cock, or given a job because of it, etc…

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