Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Caliphate


She’s Italian, but representative of a lot of American women. Hoping to “foster love” between the West and the Muslim world, she hitchhiked from Italy to Israel and was murdered by Muslims in Turkey.

File under: When altruistic virtue signaling goes horribly wrong.


  1. Well of course she was raped and murdered, what the Hell did she think would happen? Today, she probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as she did back in 2008. This would be a stupid idea in the U.S. or Europe, let along Islamic countries. What planet do these people live in, anyway?

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      1. …Sweden following in the second place…
        Oh, and Austria in the third place, although it was a 10-year old boy raped, not a woman, but than again, it was a “sexual emergency”, so I guess that justifies it.
        Oh, I keep forgetting, and there is Belgium, just a couple of days ago, fighting hard, but only in the fourth place. The teenager raped a camp worker after finishing a course on how to treat European women. I guess, to many naked women (DON’T TOUCH!) pictures in the course!

        Welcome refugees!


  2. So this is what female leadership looks like. Good for her let her lead the idiot masses to their hitchhiking death. More and more people will follow suit. I say let them. Do not lift a finger to help do not lift a finger to stop them do not allow their stupidity into your world other than to laugh at them.

    Honestly contempt is all they deserve


  3. The courageous, smug, know-it-all look of a liberal idiot that asks to get raped and murdered in order to prove to the ignorant racists that she had no fear of being raped and murdered, even if she has to get raped and murdered in order to prove her unshakable devotion to human tolerance and understanding.

    I am impressed. And still alive.


  4. Blogger–similar happened in New orleans, 9th ward.
    A SJW and San Fran gal biked across country, stumping for Obama.
    She was murdered in Lower 9th.
    SF papers covered it up, or tried.
    It was not a robbery, apparently.
    Just killing a YT [whitey].

    I forget the fools name.


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