Our Lilliputian Overlords

Mark Zuckerboost, ladies and gentlemen.

Alabaster Clay writes,

Zuckerberg on a booster seat bcz he is apparently unaware how the tangible, non-digital safe space world judge others. Days later, all evidence of his booster seat will be mysteriously erased from internet memory.

I did an image search and there were vanishingly few results of Cuckersperg on his toddler chair. The technogarchs certainly do look out for each other. Hmm.


Baby Equalism


Who is this good for? Everyone knows a normal healthy baby is preferable to a retarded baby who will die young from its infirmities. So why demand we all pretend otherwise?


The emailer who sent this pic writes,

TLDR: Apple “specialists” pic: soyboy and manjawcunt

I bought a new iphone and got a free session with an Apple “specialist” to give me tips and tricks. This was the pic on their site. Swear to God, this is how they want me to picture their employees.

It’s beyond parody.

Corporate libs are so insulated in their sexual polarity-inverting bubbles that they have lost any concept of how normal men and women look.