1. Hey! You’ve hit your quota on single mom jokes.

      There’s plenty of low hanging fruit to work with here: Toothy blowjobs, Aunt Jemima. Why doesn’t Mexico have any politicians? Because they’re all over here.
      Didn’t I see you in Blackhawk Down?
      And/or Planet of The Apes?


  1. I bet those screeching harpies will represent their own ethnic groups’ interests to the fullest, but the second they hear someone mention “white interests” they’ll start flipping out.

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  2. When the vote comes up to remove the head covering rule they’ll all be wearing a head-bag to show solidarity. Give ’em all a free FGM too as a bonus.


  3. They have one overarching goal – not stated, but fully understood among them: to further the process most simply visualized by imagining a boot stomping on your face, forever.


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