1. It would be a safe bet to say they are doing gay stuff with eachother and are incorporating the baby as a prop. That is some weird, wild, stuff!


  2. The infant hasn’t been cleaned yet. They are doing the immediate skin-to-skin bonding that is the very trendy demand these days. oh well….


  3. Why do sodomites want the fruit of what sex produces? It doesn’t mean their sodomy is producing anything other than poz and mental illness.


  4. Can we get a facial expression expert’s opinion on mom? Am I the only one seeing a hint of regret? Also, was she 100% surrogate or is some of her DNA in that kid?


    1. It’s sympathy pain. The “father” in front gave a breach delivery. OB-PRC says it will take at least three days for full recovery, perhaps four.


  5. My son was just born yesterday(literally). This mockery of mother to child bonding ritual is extra freaky gross for me after cutting the cord seeing the real thing.

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  6. I understand how women in India can get caught up in renting out their wombs. Extreme poverty does bad things to people’s innate sense of decency but this surrogate is a white woman in a first world country. Im sure the money was good but she likely didnt need it like some Indian slum dweller which tells me she “gifted” this infant to these queers out of some sense of charity. Fucking perverse. Its like giving a puppy to the poor kid down the street. I will never understand how a mother can freely choose to give up a child that came from her own body.
    Adoption to queers is bad enough. It should not be allowed, however, the kid came into existence unplanned and needs a home. Surrogacy creates a child specifically with the intention of depriving the kid of one or more biological parents. The baby is a product. It is pure child trafficking.


    1. I once knew a guy who’s wife did that. Gave him 4 kids of his own and had 3 ‘surrogacies’.

      Turns out they paid like $30k a pop to a White woman. About 15-20 years ago.


  7. Not enough info about the back story to make a judgment. Do we know for a fact these are homosexuals? (Granted, they’re ugly enough.) This could be merely a family of poor (white?) trash; the younger sibling congratulating the new father. As for being shirtless–it gets hot down there in the south, you know.


    1. “Not enough info about the back story to make a judgment.”

      You’re really asking not very smart men to stop and think. That’s a tall order.

      {ed: dumbass, straight men don’t hug each other shirtless that way.}


  8. With the bogan Southern Cross tattoo, I think they may be Australian men. In which case, they may be stealing the baby from the mother.


  9. Situations like this are the logical conclusion of the “free market” and reveals the dark side of capitalism–everything has a price, including the fruit of procreation, the human person. Materialism is the foundational philosophy driving “transgenderism” and it’s what led to the legalization of “same-sex marriage” because it breaks human beings down to interchangeable widgets that can simply be plugged in to any living circumstance, sex, nation or workplace. Our bodies are as customizable as a character in a videogame or a latte at Starbucks. Qualifications, reason, natural law, biology and common decency be damned.

    Back in the 90s there was a show called Unsolved Mysteries, the one Robert Stack who played Elliot Ness on The Untouchables hosted. I remember every other episode had a story of children who were separated from their mothers and spent their adulthood trying to track them down. Within a few episodes they had follow up segments where they showed the adult children embracing their elderly parents for the first time. Today, we have leaders pushing to take biological birth parents off birth certificates as to indicate that as adopted children of homosexuals, there’s no difference between them and the literal birth parent. This is an evil development, but it goes hand-in-hand with the push to erase historical figures and break down the family because it all stems from the natural order created by God.

    It’s in our soul to want to have a relationship with our biological parents because it validates our nature as being part of the creation and proves our inherent desire to be with our Father in Heaven through our original parents, Adam and Eve. Because we live in a fallen world, humanity with the aid of Satan, tries to disrupt this simple order by distracting us with vain pleasures that bare no fruit. We choose chaos instead of order. These two men pretending to be parents to a child that clearly isn’t theirs to claim is today’s example. Shame on them, the doctors, the mother, lawyers and everyone involved for calling this evil good.

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