1. Yes, it’s clear why gay men want this two-Kens set, but what’s in it for little girls? How would they have any fun with it? When a girl plays with a Barbie and Ken set, Barbie is an idealized version of the girl’s future self and Ken is the man she will marry. Two Kens do not offer the girl any way to participate. This toy will sell well among gays as a kitch decor item, and among leftists as an indoctrination aid for kids. But little girls will NOT ask for this for Christmas, and they will be disappointed to receive it. The two Kens will end up on the same dusty shelf as the black baby doll. (The gay men in the video sound very self-involved; they seem to think the purpose of toys is to serve the needs of adult non-breeders.)


    1. >Two Kens do not offer the girl any way to participate.

      But of course it does! Look at the photo! Two little girls as “flower maids” we presume. Serving the homochad spectacle as eye candy for Uncle Pedo.

      Or maybe those are little boys in drag. Hard to tell anymore.


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