1. Cause I’m prayin for rain.
    I’m praying for tidal waves.
    I want to see the ground give way.
    I want to watch it all go down.
    Please flush it all away.
    I want to see it go right down.
    I want to watch it go right in.
    Watch you flush it all away.

    Learn to swim.


    1. Don’t insult Dale Gribble. He makes more sense and is way less freaky than these “people”. 😮

      OMG…. I feel nauseated. Anytime I want to lose a hard one, I will think of this pic (I might actually store it on my phone for future use)! -_-

      Where did this freakaziod of nature happen? I am guessing Western Europe… but this day and age, who can tell? Could be NYC or Lost Angeles….


  2. Did they put the stars there because the asshole would be the best-looking thing in the shot? Seriously, go back to the Hepatitis Distribution Center you frequent and get your faces blotted out, freakosaurs.


    1. They’ve checked out of the human species itself.

      Warriors of Sauron’s Uruk-hai legions wouldn’t mate with those dregs…even orcs have standards.


  3. It is possible to make a career out of the following line of reasoning. “All of the girls that go in for this kind of thing are white. Youthful rebellion is an implicitly white phenomena. They think they’re being edgy but they’re really just acting white.”


  4. Damn! We need some eye bleach for this one. At minimum, we need a new posting so that this does not show up at first whenever we look at this blog.


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