1. “LGBTQP”

      The “P” is for “Pederast.” Eventually, the Perpetually Aggrieved will have an entire alphabet of deviant behavior in that acronym.

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  1. Home school? You’re depriving you child of normal social development. Weird bad parents.

    Let your ten year old m to f transitioning kid dance for money at a fag bar? Enlightened, loving parents.

    Globohomo picked a strange hill to die on. Gender wars is way too far for the vast overwhelming majority of Americans. Even most cat lady English teachers are like “WTF”?

    Keep pushing…

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  2. How the fuck are its parents not in jail for child abuse & neglect?

    How the fuck are all the patrons in that shithole not in jail for contributing to the delinquency of a minor?

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  3. Imagine the same story, but about a 10 year old girl dancing in a strip club for tips on stage.

    Imagine the explosion of rage and the tremendous backlash on the club, its owner, its employees, and of course the patrons.

    It would be the biggest dox ever.

    But this? Stunning and brave.

    Every story like this pushes normal men to the point of rage. To the point of not giving a single fuck about anything but truth and beauty and destroying any sympathy or even empathy we may have had for people who aren;t like us.

    When this wave crests, there is going to be Hell to pay. Desmond’s “parents” should be throwin into a fire pit.

    As should anyone who enjoyed this spectacle and anyone who thinks its ok.


    Anglin si right: Get in the bog faggot.

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  4. And personally, I noticed even that surprised this is going on. Think about it. Ever since the flapper days and girls going apeshit for Elvis and the Beatles, girl gave started to behave this this. And it culminated with the ultimate result of feminism and women’s lib ever achieved and yet obe that is not addressed, girls becoming cheerleaders. Because let’s face it, the moment they let girls wear excessive makeup and short skirts and dance and hop around in games, it was clear to girls that they can go off their looks. And eventually boys that think they’re girls are going to do the same.

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  5. The logical conclusion of liberalism is a reversion back to pagan hedonism. I’ve long speculated that the final taboo will be a push for the acceptance of pedophilia. Normies just shake their head and say “that’ll never be accepted” and my silver bullet is that it already is being pushed in the western world, with the spread of Islam and Jewish secularism being catalysts for child marriage and sexual meddling. Why shouldn’t it be accepted? In the view of the modern Jacobins, all “progress” is good and true. Cancer is “progressive”, as well. The Venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen talked about the wheels coming off society back in the 1960s. Below is a excerpt from one of his televised homilies.

    “I wonder when we got into this position of denying limits? I wonder why young people are so concerned about their identity? 30 or 40 years ago, nobody had the problem of identity. Why not? Because he recognized boundaries. Limits!

    How do you know, the limits, for example of the identity for the State of Illinois? By it’s boundary lines! How do you know the identity of a basketball court? By it’s foul lines! How do we know our own identity? By limits! By boundaries! By law! By order.”


  6. I don’t know what anybody here believes about this particular topic, but in the Genesis account of Lot’s time in Sodom it points out that when the angels came to visit him in the guise of men, every man in town came out to rape them.

    EVERY man.

    Two things to note about this. First, Sodom was a major city of the plain, not some sleepy burg. Second, for every man in that city to come out in force with the intent of raping two strangers tells you that homosexuality had to have been systematically inculcated from a very early age, as well at least some degree of approval of the women of Sodom.

    One more thing. As with Lot, who the Sodomites threatened to rape if he stood in their way, we are quickly arriving at the point where any opposition to this type of thing is being brazenly punished.

    There is truly nothing new under the sun so don’t let anyone tell you what happened in Sodom can’t happen here. It already is happening because human nature DOES NOT CHANGE.

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  7. Anybody who actually likes kids, and cares about their future as human beings, is appalled and angered by this.

    Every other motive and excuse is just rationalizations for evil.

    No one is perfect, but be fearful of this evil:

    “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.

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  8. There comes a point in time where everything needs to be burnt to the ground…. we are rapidly approaching that nexus like never before.


  9. I’m trying to care, but… Meh. 10 is young, but the kid is off the charts gay anyway, it’s not like he’s being led into something he’s not or doing something he doesn’t love. Gays will be gay. Let them have their fun, more gays = more women for me. They can cut my hair and do aesthetic jobs too. Lesbians are bad though, I see no advantages with them.


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