1. This is what happens when “Do what feels good” replaces “Do what’s good for the nation”.

    In better times, this guy would have been “lost at sea”. “Fell overboard one night”.


  2. I wish SMOD or the Zombie Apocalypse would hurry the f**k up. I’m already to old for this crap. If it’s coming do it while I can fight back some what effectively. :/


      1. The Navy of my father fought the Japanese in the 1940s at sea and on a bazillion little coral islands that got obliterated.

        My father always thought it was a mistake. He didn’t like the Nips, but he respected them as warriors. He admired their society. He took them seriously as enemy combatants.

        He hated FDR. He hated the League of Nations/UN. He hated Woodrow Wilson and Winston Churchill and Earl Warren. He admired Charles Lindbergh, Robert Goddard, and Henry Ford. He taught me at age 8 how compound interest worked, and that debt was slavery.

        My father would have reviled the above photo. Which of course is why it was created. To hurt. To harm. Literally to stab the viewer in the eye.

        But he also thought that V-E and V-J day were horseshit, like the “world wars,” and that Look and Life magazines were OSS propaganda. He hated the original photo too.


  3. Remember the Tailhook scandal. Navy guys getting drunk, flirting with women, like normal dudes.

    Now a bunch of fags, John Paul Jones is somewhere in Heaven begging The Lord to be his avenging angel on this one.

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