1. Three kids… and cake! Even Mister E. Mudd there has to look at that pic and think, “Damn, Today sucks.”


  2. Has producing mudshark stock photos become a cottage industry? I’m seeing them everywhere. yesterday at a megachurch that is 99.9% white, they used a MS photo on one of their ads. nasty

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  3. Yeah, every black guy’s dream, bang a mouthy SJW cougar t and live in a potting shed. No wonder black people don’t support Bernie Sanders.


    1. The eco-friendly, pro-Green, pro-Sustainability black guy: a fantasy of the White Liberal Mind.

      The real black wants an Escalade or 300 (if he can’t swing a Bentley); and you could fit 10,000 of those Smart Growth houses into his ideal “crib”.

      Pure BS.


  4. An open invitation to race replacement. Just put it right out there, nobody will say anything.

    Has anyone else noticed that “Adobe” ad (Fox News Website has been playing it as mandatory before you can watch any video “news” over there for months)? It has a black guy doing the countdown for a rocket launch, and a White underling keeps interrupting to talk about what Marketing wants changed…anyway, the whole f-cking point of that commercial seems to be how many times the White guy can call the black-in-charge “Sir”. He must say “Sir?” about ten times in a minute. That seems to be the real message of the damn thing.

    ALL the advertisers are on the same page. Another commercial has a two-part story set-up. In the first, some dumb Whites in an office are talking about what they spend their bonuses on. Then they ask a Black guy who gives an eloquent, but modest, answer about upgrading his cable or something. Smart black, idiot Whites.

    Part two has the dumb White guy asking his boss for an advance so he can do the smart upgrade thing the black co-worker told him about, The boss is-you guessed it-black.


    1. Still waiting for the summit of media cucking: a straight white male side character in a primetime sitcom looks up after fellating the black male lead casually in the background and cracks wise to his wife, who is dressing to impress the bull, saying, “I think he’s ready… I can’t feel my tonsils.” *Cue laughtrack and scheming Eskimos rubbing their hands together*

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  5. you want a house, BUILD ONE!!! Oh, wait, you’d have to live some place that doesn’t do a rectal exam every time you have a thought change… Live some place where you can build any damn kind of house you want… the Nanny state is worse than the mudshark convention…


  6. And the irony is that Seattle gets Whiter by the week as all the blacks are getting pushed into the cheaper ‘burbs south of Seattle — it is gentrifying almost as fast as Portlandia. And as those cities get Whiter by the moment, their local media push miscegenation harder and harder, as if they are doing penance for the horrid sin of choosing to reside in such White White cities. It is to ha.

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    1. Note the expression of dissatisfied ennui on the redhead’s face; she furthest from the black guys. In contrast, on the left, the blond who is owned by the buck sports a near-orgasmic look of total fulfillment. Don’t worry, Red, I’m sure you’ll get your turn.


    2. I’m surprised they didn’t highlight “MATES”. Maybe they’re only trying to stick it in your face, but not put your eye out with it.


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