1. Let me guess- does it involve living in a big city, and having lots of sex with many different men maybe by any chance? And of course having those gal-pals and “BFF”s to cheer you on.

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  2. Leslie Mann, who was nothing special in her 20s, has to be 45 years old.

    Must be another (((Judd Apatow))) work of art. Hahaha


  3. One of them will regret it, two of them will cry about it, three of them may land a Beta male later and all of them will get HPV.


  4. Jewvies (fka chick flicks) are unwatchable after red pill awareness. It’s all so clear.

    Nonstop anti white propaganda telling our women not to make white babies.

    Period. Literally the entire PURPOSE of these movies.


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