Feel The Grrlpower Heat




    1. Good catch. Also, the solder points on a motherboard are almost entirely on the bottom of the board, not the top with the chips and other components. And where is she? A biology classroom? Biologists don’t repair computer equipment — only hardcore engineers do that sort of stuff. Total fail.

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      1. Yep I caught the soldering iron booboo in about .5 seconds. I then started laughing at the circuit board itself. It looks like something very low tech. Maybe jacked out of a old ATARI gaming system. I really like the out of focus Stegasaurus toy in the background, by her head at about the 3 o’clock position. Every science lab should have one for the kids to play with. I think this wonderful scene was photographed at a the local kids museaum. By the time I stopped laughing at the soldering iron and board itself, I read the observations about the wrong side being soldered. Priceless.


  1. The soldering iron is held by a woman who has no clue how things work

    the photo was ( probably ) taken by a woman who has no clue how things work

    this propaganda is done by people ( most likely women ) who have no clue how things work

    yet I am supposed to believe women are equal to men?

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  2. “This CMOS Battery needs more heat!”

    If you are soldering a Motherboard, it will be upside down since all the solder points are on the bottom.

    And considering that 99% of production soldering is done by machines, she wouldn’t be anywhere near it. And the things that are human soldered, aren’t soldered by that piece of shit RadioShack soldering iron.

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    1. You’ve got as much surface mount junk as through mount, so yes, she could be resoldering a top mount joint. Theoretically.

      Of course, the burn from touching a hot iron that low leaves a nice scar that takes about 20 years to completely fade out. The visible scar’s faded, but I can still feel the rough spot….


      1. Funny that probably 90% of women would not catch the problems with this photo. Nor would 90% of blacks.


      2. I confess I didn’t notice either. But there’s a good reason for it: when I see ads or anything like this, my mind knows so fast that it’s looking at propaganda, I don’t pause to analyze it. It’s “recognize – ignore”. Even if there are women holding a soldering iron somewhere, they don’t look like her, and if they did, her shirt and makeup probably wouldn’t be picture-perfect. Hm, funny I did notice that.


  3. This completely staged to give meat pockets hope; this work is done primarily in Asia in a warehouse on work benches not tables, no dress clothes but scrubs and hair nets, and the board is in a swiveling vice by an asian woman.

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    1. Well, nothing beats the stock diversity photos on corporate employment websites. Nice shiny blacks, Indians, and Asians happily working with White woman, with maybe a (gay) White male sprinkled in.


    2. What’s funny is that assembly of cable harnesses and circuit boards, when not done by machines, is done mostly by women.

      I know this because this is the industry I work within.


  4. This is like a technician version of Pauli’s “not even wrong”. I fixed computers for a living for years, and crap like this makes me wince reflexively. The “I’m totally fixing this thing, hee hee, whatever it is” image has become it’s own genre.

    Remember, kids, if it smells like chicken, you’re holding it wrong.


    1. No PPE whatsoever, except for those questionable (but fashionable) yellow lenses. I doubt that the smart purple blouse is FR rated. lol.


  5. Its a classic example of how with women its only about the impression and the optics. There is no substance behind it all, for the reasons stated above. For women, “working in technology” is about the white lab coat – that’s it. The math, the science, the engineering, the materials, safety and the physics – that’s all boring shit some beta male can look after. She just wants a photo taken with the lab coat, then post on facebook. “Look sisters, I’m an engineer now!!!! – suck it up dinosaurs, women sticking it to men in engineering!!!! yay grrrrl power!!!!”. As more women go in to technology, the men in technology will feel more and more pressure to cover up and cover for – the women, and because of that the men will be less productive and produce less good quality work. So we can expect technology to slow down, yet the cost to rise. Its yet another way women are rent seeking off society and men. This will work until it inevitably does not work, then collapse.

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    1. What typically will occur in Corporate America is that they will have the lab workers be the typical White males, and Asians, but have a female as the department manager, director, or VP, for good photo opportunities, and to attend diversity functions. “Diversity and inclusion”, how pathetic.

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      1. They get promoted, because they can’t be fired, and it’s a short-term solution to their technical incompetence… and to a certain extent women can make better managers, as they’re more emotionally sensitive to how the team is doing. Unfortunately, this one benefit is outweighed by their generalized technical incompetence.

        The only thing that could make this picture better is if she were wearing Sarkeesian Flannel.

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      2. Isn’t that a variant of the Dilbert principle–people with no productive function are promoted to management?


      3. a variant

        Before that there was the Peter Principle (after Laurence J Peter): people are promoted until they reach their level of incompetence. You see that a lot actually — it’s an organizational phenomenon.


    2. Another factor, but I don’t know how to measure it, is distraction. Women’s appeal is primarily visual, so having them around the office or factory (unless they are really ugly pugs) puts men in a state of quasi-arousal. I remember years ago being told by a college professor that construction companies had to budget for a substantial productivity reduction (up to 25%) on college campuses because the co-eds distracted the workers. So how much productivity is lost because men are dreaming about f***ing a co-worker rather than getting on with the job. Men and women were simply never designed to be around each other much in a non-family situation. Workplace and school sex segregation is a much better system..

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      1. Every man I know has told me that when women wear sexy revealing clothes at work, it is hard for them to focus.

        I’m not a prude nor a religious guy who sees sin everywhere but I have always been against women being allowed to wear sexy revealing clothes at work.

        We are there to work, not to be reminded about their boobs and ass every 15 seconds.

        Should we play heavy metal music loud at the office? should we have flashing lights as in a discotheque?

        no because they are a distraction

        cleavage, tight fiiting clothes and short skirts are just as distracting to us men.

        yes part of me loves to look down the blouse os a woman with huge boobs, but I know this will make me inneficient at doing my job


      2. That.

        I remember one summer working on a site near a campus. Was maybe 17. They’d have canned me that day had the outfit not been almost all family. I was totally useless.

        Shit, it’d be even worse today.


      3. “We are there to work, not to be reminded about their boobs and ass every 15 seconds.”

        Bro the modern world has one overriding purpose: to provide white women with opportunities to show off their T&A.

        Everything else is literally Hitler. You’re either a fag or a Jew.


  6. Maybe only a girl would notice this (lol) but she’s wearing an engagement or wedding ring and diamond stud earrings! That’s sending a not so subtle hypergamy message too.

    I am admittedly not a tech person but you guys are right I would not have caught all the rest of the things you point out about this pic! If anything after looking at this photo if I ever used a soldering iron (highly unlikely) I’d likely pick it up by the hot part thinking this is how one *should* hold it!


  7. Since the photo is a fantasy anyways, the least they could do is undo those top two buttons on her shirt. Maybe have a black bra and a little cleavage.


    1. Awwwww, hell, since it’s clearly all make believe BS with this photo, we may as well go ‘whole hog’ here…show her true Super-Girl skills by fusing those circuit board connections with lasers shooting out of her nipples.


  8. She appears to be working on that circuit board in a chemistry lab, you can see a fume hood and sinks behind her. Probably a stock photo of her doing some chemistry there too. Who knows, maybe she’s such an intellectual savage she’s doing both simultaneously!

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  9. And yet we find hope: an engagement/wedding band, reasonable looks and BMI, no weird hair or tattoos or piercings, woman. As it should be.


  10. She should be home soldering stained glass together surrounded by loving children..at least shes married and not dressed like a sloot


    1. eah – that’s a madding photo. So this is directed to the cunt in it:

      The fuck it doesn’t rag head. My people were here in 1620 while yours were still living in the stone age. And still are, for that matter. GTFOA.

      BONUS POINTS: I challenge anyone to find the phrase, “American Citizen” anywhere in … ummmm … U.S. law.


    2. Sadly, she has the media and the Gov. on her side. The sign is almost redundant. This is exactly who IS American in ObamaNation. White guys who drive pick-ups are the ones who are mistrusted/reviled.

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    3. Awesome sign! Totally agree because not wearing a Hijab and never having visited a mosque or read the Koran does not make me less Muslim than you.
      Now we have no reason to fight about anything because we are equally different to each other.


  11. Not only is she holding the soldering iron in such a way that she would get burned. But she is “soldering” on the wrong side of the board. The solder-pads are on the other side.

    Moreover, no actual electrical engineer or technician would wear safety glasses to solder a PC board.


  12. I think we should photoshop a bunch of photos from the Folsom Street Fair with pictures of Mecca and Medina in the background and say being a–whatever the fuck those freaks are doing–does not make me any less Muslim than you.

    Too bad I’m not that tech savvy, but I’m sure one of you young whipper-snappers can figure it out.


    1. Unfortunately, that simian proclivity for turning violent with little or no notice seems to act as an aphrodisiac on our women.


    1. The reaction of the dead kid’s relatives is a classic example of the genre:

      “He was not supposed to die like this. He had a future ahead of him. Trevon had goals…he was a funny guy, very big on education, loved learning…You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” said Harris. “You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”


      1. Damn, eah, I was just getting ready to copy and paste the SAME stuff you did! The comments are a classic insight into the black mentality. “Teen” was in someone’s home, had broken in, and the defense is that he needed money for clothes for school because he was so big on education. Un-f’ing believable.


    1. Look at the eyes; he’s in a constant low-level state of terror, and he’ll be eager to show off his power from the bench. Then, look at that mouth… and shudder.


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