1. AS WE SLIP intro a deeper level of hell, I wonder to myself… If I was this much of a beta to have my ASS WAXED (a term I use to define the ultimate in getting beat in a sports event), would I just go ahead and go full Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner? or just accept that my life has no purpose except top entertain the opposite sex (the ultimate definition of a useless female) so I don’t get myself killed by the rest of the “herd.”


  2. The contemporary obsession with removing all pubic hair is evidence of a generational arrested development. Icky! Girls have hair. Yuck…And the men have turned into hairless bottoms. What better way to gratify your manjawed lesbian girlfriend…?


  3. I wonder if chemicals in the environment are to blame for men being reduced to this level, or it all just the social conditioning? I’ve gotta lean towards estrogen carpet bombing.

    This is the flip side of women wanting all those rapefugees to be let freely into the country.


    1. “I’ve gotta lean towards estrogen carpet bombing.”

      Of course you do: the bias is always toward “magic bullet” thinking.


      1. Well, “uh”, I heard a report where a woman had her breast milk chemically analyzed and there was jet fuel in it. So who knows what all we have circulating in us, and landing on us.

        I take it you’re in the social conditioning camp. That’s pretty powerful stuff too. And probably easier to demonstrate.

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