1. I dig the shirt in that first pic. Kinda explains his life choices. Also explains why his beard look dirty and filthy.
    As for pic number 2, I hope this fella actually gets a degree based job because no matter how much he pretends to be a woman, there’s no way he will be able to whore himself off to pay back Duke like Belle Knox did because at least Knox was an actual chick. Plus those legs. Ugh.

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      1. ain’t gonna be no damn nursing home.. I’d rather burn-in at 32ft/min^2 than let some 1/2-witted JUCO nursing school drop-out wipe my ass… Or freeze to death in an arctic exploration.. or drown in shipwreck.. or run out of water in the Sahara – My kids get upset when I tell them: “you’ll never know I died, because you’ll never find the body!”


  2. I’ve always wondered why Hillary Clinton, with all the millions of dollars worth of consultants at her disposal, has never gotten any training on how to control her face so as to avoid that stone cold psychopath look in her eyes. Is she drunk too much of the time to keep the mask from slipping? Does her arrogance cause her to reject the notion she even has any such problem?
    Absolutely chilling look. “A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun”.

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  3. Sadly, these are white males too. The ones who are in our demographic. These guys are on our team, if you will. No wonder white males are zeroed out in the era of identity politics. Half of us negate the other half. Lawmakers and politicians have no incentive to legislate towards our interests and pursue the white male vote. It’s not worth it for them.


  4. “Gender inclusive restroom”… Whenever I see one, I use it.. I take a LOOONNGGG TIME – because know how uncomfortable these odd-balls are around a white, Christian, wealthy, successful, physically fit, Alpha Male – I represent the ONE goal they will never have the guts to achieve (and the trophy wife REALLY pisses them off, too!)

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