1. This writing’s been on the wall since Selchow and Righter sold the game to Coleco’s Morrie Greenberg. Who if I recall correctly made his original millions on the skins of cattle.

    Hasbro bought it later–founded by Hillel and Henry Hassenfeld IIRC. Textile industry.

    Start scratching the surface of the consumerist toy industry that replaced childhood with Product and later nostalgia for it. Bet you can guess what you’ll find.


  2. I´m from Spain and I totally aprove that Americans learn Spanish; hopefully proper Spanish, and not slang from people who have not studied beyond the Primary. We all have a right and a duty to have an excellent command of the official language in our country, and hopefully in one or more other foreign languages. Education is good. If “your culture is endangered by taking education, it isn´t culture, but inculture.

    Spanish is a beautiful language and very rich in vocabulary and literature. It´s better than learning French in many aspects.
    This said, English is also a beautiful language; spelling and phonetics is much more trouble than Spanish, but the grammar is simple and the vocabulary base is huge. People in America should speak and write proper English, fluently and elegantly, BEFORE they even go to the U.S. to work. That is what Spaniards who work in the U.S. do, we learn English when we are still in Spain.

    If I lived in the U.S., I´d speak English and Spanish as well as I could. That is what I try to do in Spain, everyday I try to perfect my own language and also English, which is part of my heritage now. I´m very lucky to be part of the two objectively best languages in the world.


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