1. White woman attention whoring on her phone; Negro/ mystery meat ecstatic that he’s in a position to lord it over whitey; Hispanic man trying to comprehend English; Asian woman emailing industrial secrets to China; White man in the background wondering how this came to be.

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    1. White man’s also trying to figure out how to do the work for the rest of them in the meager 16 hours of his work day. That’s his job these days: bridging the gap for all those AA hires who are there not because of their competence.

      (This came to be because he let it. He let it because he was too busy getting various jobs done. If you really want to see some social change, let’s organize a Week Without White Men.)

      That photo says one thing to me:

      Avoid this “financial planning” brand at all costs.

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  2. White guy just got pink slipped because diversity. He’s biting his lower lip.

    The white woman is smiling but inside she knows she’s next. But maybe if she just virtue signals a little harder, they’ll accept her… won’t they???

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  3. To add to the other comments:
    – the white guy is the only one not smiling (in a friendly fashion).
    – his placement in the back is most out of focus and his torso is angled differently than those of the others. It gives the impression that he is “at odds”.
    – the most dindu-ish of the bunch is the only one in clear focus.
    – the other four all have at least one hand visible in the pic and are all doing something productive. The white man is just sitting.

    Those things are all relatively minor, but they add up.

    Finally, I’ll ask again as I often do to people online: Why are you on Facebook? They hate you. Unless you are promoting a business, you should avoid it.

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  4. I’m having a hard time deciding what is more abhorrent in that pic: the words or the image?

    The “Business Diversatopia” try-hard is pretty blatant, but I always feel queasy (and grab hold of my wallet) when I see shit like “prove your value to clients” and “helping them harness their cash flow”. Somebody’s about to get fucked, and not in a first-date-went-well way, but in a first-night-in-the-state-pen way.

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    1. The Local mall isn’t doing too well… however the department stores pandering to diversity are doing the worst. I.e. Bonton, has hello written in every language around the store… yet most of Bonton’s prices end in a 7. Business colleges across the country push the, “Diversity is more profitable because muh different types of thinks”. Guess it’s not.


  5. Notice that the dindu is dark, but not that dark. Ads usually use lighter skinned non-Whites when promoting diversity. Of course, in reality you get Kineshia, a 350 pound, coal black, bitch with 7 children, all with different baby daddies.

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  6. At this point advertising is similar to hiring — many companies intentionally hire a sufficient number of non-whites because if they don’t they could get in trouble with the EEOC — similarly, an advertiser will never get in any trouble by making use of ‘diversity’ — whereas a lack of it could result in significant negative pushback — which is basically the opposite of what you want in advertising — anymore as long as it is not miscegenation I don’t really much care — I just laugh at it, especially depictions of black professionals, since I can count on one hand the number of those I’ve met in my life.


  7. The most obvious problem here is that everyone is young and in a suit for a dumb seminar. It was probably held in some low budget hotel. I think the order nearest on the photo is the order of gullibility.


  8. Yeah, when the real, existential work of forging civilization needs to done, its always the white man who does it; in fact, he’s the only one who can. Then, when civilization has been secured, and safety and prosperity become the norm, it’s women, blacks, and others who can’t who elbow their way to the front, all empowered like, and act as though it’s all due to their awesomeness.

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  9. Here at diverse financial we have the face of the future. Its in the back. We use a Holistic Financial Strategy that doesn’t involve Math and has the good old fashioned investment strategy of putting your money in the pockets of invaders who came for your better life. When we search for suitable investments we start at Chapter 13 for blacks.


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