Targeting the most suggestible for poz injections: teen girls

The reader who submitted the pic writes,

Saw this in the drugstore

Short hair: √
Tattoos: √
Body Positivity: √
Period Sex: √

Fuck it, burn it all down.


      1. Naw. It’s not that bad. But if planeloads of HR wobblers started heading to Bali with their massively undeserved pensions/payouts, imagine how lucrative a simple donut stand would be.

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  1. most hilarious to me is a cover juxtaposing a ‘body shaming’ article WITH ONE OF THE SKELETOR MODELS WHO ARE BODY SHAMING THE LAND WHALES BY THEIR VERY EXISTENCE.

    you want to “shut down the body shamers”? welp, you’d best get to work on shutting down Glamour mag, because YOU are prime purveyors of it. look, there’s even “more Cara this way”.


    1. Yeah a “fit -thin” cover model with a skirt and shirt with images of curvy women on them is body shaming by existence.

      Kind of like what Southpark pointed out with their episodes on safe spaces, fat shaming and six packs.

      That as long as you glorify beauty and fitness you are by default “fat/body shaming”.


      1. Be awhile since the reply but going to reply to it anyways.

        Honestly not sure there is a point in saying “fit”-curvy women, if they aren’t fit they aren’t curvy, their just fat.


    2. Good point. My youngest, a 5’9″ thin girl of 15 with long brown hair, pointed out to me the other day how she gets thin-shamed (??) by fat women and girls.

      Her words: “they give me the dirtiest looks and I don’t understand why they’re so rude to me”. She once was shopping with her rather large Aunt (sister in law) and had to track her down in the Lane Bryant store.

      She felt the fatties’ hate big time by walking into their fattie mcfatster clothing store. She said on instagram the fatties call it ‘thin privelige’./

      ….let the red pilling begin…

      I said that she has good genes and shouldn’t worry about what the lowest value women think of her. Honey I say, “they’re incredibly jealous of you and they hate you because they are not you and can never be you”. They lack the will power, self respect, and most importantly, the proper heritage. They will always hate you and want to be you.”

      Teaching young women modesty, and that a low ‘N’ is far more valuable than being a slutty dressing cock carousel rider can be a challenge with all the messaging these girls are getting everywhere but home. Them being herd creatures and all.

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      1. I pointed her to Wifewithapurpose on Twitter. If my daughters turned out like that (white husbands and large families of white kids) I’d die a much happier man than if they turned out to be carousel riding cubicle haunting career chasers.

        Sadly, my oldest, 16, swallowed the blue pill hook line and sinker about 3 years ago.

        She, after attending her first PRide parade this summer, saw real faggotry and bull-dykes for the first time, and as a result, had an awakening of sorts. She admitted that many of them put her off. Good I say.

        She’s highly intelligent and appears to be going through a reality induced rejection of the poz.

        I was raised in an equalist environment. I rejected race realism growing up in Whitetopia.

        Until I moved to diversityland (ie Dindustan) and got a first hand taste of TNB at age 19.
        Within 6 months of residency in dindustan 18 years of brainwashing was flushed and yours truly developed a healthy hatred and desire to avoid the dindu.

        Got some scars from my first ‘business transaction’ with them. 3 on 1 beatdown and robbed. Pain has this amazing ability to shatter illusions. But you all knew that.

        She, like me, may have to just learn the hard way.

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      2. …and just think, some of these poor girls ARE getting the same message at home! Just take one look at Fakebook and you will see mothers damn near pimping their adolescent daughters out

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  2. My daughters are little, under 9 years old, and it’s becoming difficult to shield them from this. A copy of this very mag was in the pediatrician’s waiting room the other day. My older girl had wide eyes for it. I told her no, and why, in terms I hoped she would understand. That magazines like that might look cool but they aren’t for her age group. Heaven forbid I tell her it encourages bad behavior she’d be all over it like white on rice.

    The checkout lanes at stores are the worst. We don’t have cable in the home, just a tv for movies now and then, but pop culture is an insidious immersive plague no matter how much you try to filter. I suppose I could just never take them anywhere, ever but I find that impossible.

    And truthfully. When I was a teenager, this stuff wasn’t super important to me, ever…until I saw a magazine with beautiful girls on the covers, proclaiming that it SHOULD be important to me. I spent a lot of time in the woods, still do, and within minutes of leaving the Poz I stopped valuing anything the Poz told me. Isolation is even more difficult now, in terms of tech, but now I take the kids with me into the woods and hills, mountains and streams, to avoid this crap.

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    1. I’ll confess that I don’t have any daughters (or any progeny just yet for that matter) so my advice may be off target, but I do wonder if denying exposure to these things isn’t going to heighten their appeal over time. Might it be fruitful to actually scan one of these vile rags with her but create the frame by mocking it at every turn: “doesn’t she look so silly? Like a Martian guy?” Not criticising your tactic (9 years old is certainly too young to be exposed to this hyper sexualized filth) but the society is so saturated with poz that simply avoiding it may be impossible in the long run, but framing it with mockery might work.

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      1. All the magazines in stores are impossible to avoid and we all know that telling a kid they cant have something or do something, just makes them want it more. The other side is carefully expose your kids to things in a manner that removes the taboo and lessens their desire to be rebellious and do/see it cause they arent supposed to. I took the latter approach with firearms and started exposing my kids to guns and gun safety since they were at least 3. Now, they are familiar with guns, respect the power of a gun, and at the same time, are not mystified by them like their cousins who have always been told guns are horrible evil things. The mystery of guns has been removed and i no longer worry about them being foolish with a gun due to their ignorance.

        I would however, feel more comfortable exposing my kids to firearms than i would exposing them to the smut and filth in these magazines. The left and their ilk give you so many targets in daily life that you can easily create a mocking frame of their hallowed ideals without opening one of those magazines. For a girl, there are enough land whales and butch or androgynous women to point out the awfulness of being fat/non-feminine/etc.

        All this being said, i am speaking from limited experience as my oldest girl is only 4, while my oldest boy is almost 8.


      2. It does heighten the appeal so I’m careful not to outright forbid looking at it, but I want to be the one who walks her through it. When it’s everywhere, alll the time? That’s tough. She sometimes visits her cousins and her auntie is far more comfortable with mags and go-grrl. The seven year old girl up the street is already obese-level fat and her mom dyed pink and purple streaks into her hair (dad works third shift and is more involved in his beer brewing than his only child).

        Nowhere is safe!

        To other points raised, I do teach them small handcrafts. They do basic crochet but heretofore we’ve never made our projects portable beyond the backyard. it’s a great idea to have them work “in public,” as my knitting circle says. Even when you’re little, having a purpose and a goal is important for development. Otherwise you just degenerate into repeating the snark you hear in poorly written film dialogue.


    2. Im on the side of careful exposure through mockery and explaining observable reality around them. With my oldest, an 8 yr old boy, i my own struggle with weight to explain how unnattractive and difficult to get rid of fat is if you allow yourself to get overweight. He now understands the need to self limit sugar.
      With tattoos and rainbow colored, short-haired women, oldest boy and his 6 yr old sister will quietly giggle about particularly ugly examples that dwell our area. I encourage it. We saw a woman in a g-string bikini at the water park the other day. That was a lovely opportunity to explain to my boy that she doesnt respect herself or her man if she dresses that way in public and she looked damned stupid. If you can control the extent of poz exposure then ridicule is a gift from God. Use it. Kids are sadistic. Entertain them with it.


    3. In this part of the world, the Fred Meyer grocery stores have a “family friendly” checkout lane without all that garbage…and the Grocery Outlet stores sell no print garbage whatever.

      Here’s how the love of my life handled this matter:

      Teach your daughter a portable craft like knitting, crochet, or drop-spindle spinning and set the example by never letting your own hands (or eyes/mind) be idle. Then get hooked up with a program or organization where you both make things for others, with goals for what projects to start and complete by when. It can be charity stuff, gifts, or whatever.

      If you’re in a waiting room doing small portable projects together, you’ll both be so busy working on your projects, there won’t be time to gape at these trashy magazines. You won’t have to forbid it or bring it up. It simply won’t be an issue. You’ll have something better to be doing.

      Also, people will want to talk to you/ask questions/etc., which will remove even more attention from the garbage.

      Good job getting your kids outside. Nothing in my experience is more positive for a girl child’s development than outdoor activities with dad and mom where she learns confidence, competence, and self-direction. Really, what we have to teach them is how much bigger the world is in reality than in media, and how much bigger they are than the consumers the media construct via fear, insecurity, etc.

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      1. The Publix chain started putting ”discretion covers” (like Kwik-E-Marts used to do with skin mags, covers everything but the title) over Cosmo and other quasi-porn mags about 20 years ago. I applaud them for doing that and wish other grocery chains copy it.
        It’s just like the damn \/!@6[@ ads during football, I don’t want to have that in my face with kids around, who wants to explain to them what ”if your erection lasts more than 3 hours seek medical attention”? There is a time and place to talk to your kids about the birds and the bees, but not when you’re trying to watch a game.


  3. Look at her powerful stance and ripped physique. Look out, SEAL teams, Smirky-Face Dumbass, the new feminist superhero, is here to knock you all on your asses!

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      1. Anywhere that smells like seafood. The only thing I know about this chick is, she’s been in paparazzi pics lezzing off with some other C-list celeb.


  4. The “quit your job and move to Bali” headline made me laugh. Why Bali, and nowhere else in Indonesia? Could it be the sharia?


  5. It would be super progressive to tell the editor of Glamour to roll up that particular issue and shove it up her asshole. Just some good old healthy, body positive self exploration.


  6. They constantly have to keep churning out new product at an even faster rate to compensate for the broken linearity between past ‘icons’ to the present. No one would touch Cher today after claiming at the beginning that she was a proud and strong role model for women, for example.

    So the constant re-invention takes over from a sense of comfort and belonging.


  7. The Lemmings are ready to run off the cliff following 3rd wave feminism. It is up to you, boys to save them from their demise. So pack a parachute and rescue these tatted up sluts. Be the hero, that she will ultimately resent.


  8. Girl power my ass. Girl looks so frail it looks like anyone from the Big Bang Theory could knock her down, and that’s saying a lot.


    1. And that’s what they really mean by “Girl Power” not Physical-Power but Social-Power.

      They can get up in your face, hit you, yell at you etc….and there’s nothing you can do about it.


      1. Girl power means power to use the state, its guns, and its white-knight policemen, social workers, and judges to ruin your life. Without any evidence or probable cause – all it takes is a “he hit me” or “I don’t feel safe” accusation from a woman and a man is in deep shit.

        Going to jail, losing firearms, kicked out of his house, and forced to pay thousands in attorney’s fees just to keep his name clean.

        All over an unfounded accusation. I’ve seen this story repeated over and over again. It happens to men of every race, every day all over America.

        It’s one thing all men in America have in common — the Sword of Cuntoclese hanging over all of our heads, ready to drop at a snap of her fingers and fuck your life but good.

        The pozzed judges (many female) and the DSS/CPS workers hate men, and especially straight White men. I’d wager they voted 98% for the cunt.

        It’s something that is so egregious and out of control that most men refuse to believe something like that could happen in the land of justice and ‘innocent until proven guilty’. Until it happens to them.

        None of that matters any more. White men: YOU ARE GUILTY because of your very existence.

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    2. That was my thought – I work with amateur female MMA fighters, the smallest of who would clean this girl’s clock in 15 seconds.


  9. I HATE this model. Cara. She’s always making stupid faces and she’s just the kind of woman that women have determined men should find attractive. She looks like the lead singer of Cheap Trick. She has manbrows and that’s why women like her and therefore men must like her too. Skinny, titless. Androgyne.


    1. Yep.
      Those Groucho Marx eyebrows always take center stage.
      I can’t see that girl without seeing hedge clippers separating a unibrow that would make Bert jealous.


    2. If you look at other images of her on the web, she has a classically beautiful face. It’s only natural that Jews would want to uglify her. It’s what they do.

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      1. The only other image of her that I saw was the one at the Wikipedia page:

        Ugh! That is NOT classically beautiful in the way of, say, the Venus de Milo, with her soft features and receding feminine chin. The Wikipedia picture shows a massive manjaw, and the eyebrows don’t help. Despite the hair and other contortions, I prefer the look of Cara in this photo, probably because at the angle it is captured she looks girlish.


  10. My outrage to share.

    These sex-pozzed but fully contracepted progressive white evolutionary dead ends hoist an homage to their idol, the pregnant black mother.

    A fertility goddess to mock their own nihilistic barrenness… and their enormous sacrifices to make the offspring of their idol so numerous and comfortable.

    What better symbol for our era than a Sacred Cow for the Current Year….


  11. Frankly, the skank looks like a nasty lesbian whore…the smell must be terrible. They all stink. I know. I live in Ojai, Ca. Lesbian capitol of Ventura Calif. They all are covered in tatts, smell bad, and go around in groups of 3 to 8 bumrushing their way around every weekend. We are Soooo glad when they leave on sunday and head back to Santa Monica, where they belong.

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  12. Wow, I took a snapshot of this the other day at the grocery store and planned to submit it. Glad someone beat me to the punch. Few questions:

    1) Who, exactly, is the market for this? Young people don’t read magazines. Nobody of magazine-reading age is in Glamour’s target demo. Just fold already.

    2) Do they really, honestly believe these article titles will cause anyone to open the mag, thus viewing advertisers’ ads? Which is all mags/papers are about anyway. You can smell the sour sweat of desperation on this cover. “Please open up!! Maybelline needs you to BUY!! WE’VE GOT GREAT STUFF WOMYN, WE’RE NOT YOUR GRANDMA’S BORING LADIES’ MAG WE EVEN HAVE SASSY LANGUAGE READ THE COVERGIRL AD PLEASE”

    3) Wtf have they done to Cara Delevigne? She looks like she’s about 60.


    1. Exactly…I think I am done with this page unless they start to update it more regularly…I have submitted some that never made it.


    1. The first comment is: “Like wenn du dir Hitler zurück wünscht” — which means like this comment if you want Hitler back — at the moment there are 4.7k likes.


  13. She’s currently “in a relationship” with this dope:


  14. Hey can someone give me the email address to make a submission to this site? For some reason the link doesn’t work for me. I have a few to submit…it’s bben forever since this site updated


  15. There’s an article over on The Daily Telegraph about how Cara Devigne has to cry at least once a day or she gets angry. “Its’ like an Exorcism”.

    Sounds like she has a hard time not killing her own vibe. So much for being a strong and happy liberal feminist.

    They can’t even maintain the facade themselves.


    1. So the Muslim woman is checking the white woman for contraband or explosives. Either this is an attempt at hipster irony, or the white woman is engaging in cultural appropriation.


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