1. Funny thing about the Sioux, they were a war like people from Canada.

    Came down to Wisconsin got driven off, then eventually got beat down by a stronger “tribe” called White People.

    The Sioux were running around killing thousands of Crow while justifying it with their own version of “Divine Providence”.

    Sure we could give them their land back; work out some kind of deal with Trudeau and send them back to Canada but I don’t think they would want that.

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  2. Goodbye Kobe? No, goodbye to you, you malevolent, mouth-breathing malcontents. We won’t miss you; after all, we sight in our rifles.


  3. A more perfect portrait of the noble Featherhead American I’ve not encountered since Ed Abbey described Navaho women squatting in the dust outside the Kayenta trading post, raising their voluminous skirts, and pissing on the ground in public.

    Got to chuckle at these flatheads touring via white man roads and highways in their white man chariot fueled by white man fossil energy, wearing white man fabrics dyed with white man chemistry, vision corrected and portrait captured for posterity with white man optics and conveyed with white man asynchronous telecommunications.

    But feeling all superior because they can make a white man obscene gesture at a white man work of art from the white man tourist center paid for with white man tax dollars.

    Damn, injuns. Sucks to be you. But thanks for letting us know since one can never plan too far ahead for days of reckoning and such.

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  4. Every white parent in America should see this foto and then contemplate what life will be like for their children when Whites are a literal minority in America.


  5. Friend zone native American guy flips of white presidents with his best friends who are Asian and I don’t know the last one: Hispanic or native American.

    Meanwhile the Asian girl is moaning in excitement as her nerdy WHITE boyfriend inserts his meat inside her wet pussy.

    The native American girl is crying in the arms of her supportive fat bitch friend because her BLUE EYED WHITE boyfriend just dumped her because of this disrespectful picture. She is begging him to comeback.


  6. As I view this fine photo, I’m picturing a statue of Custer falling from a cargo plane at this exact moment, and landing directly on top of these 3. Custer’s last fall if you will.

    Now that would be irony!

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  7. The confluence of extreme entitlement and victim mentality.
    They disgust me so thoroughly, although I still support their right to free speech.


  8. Ha! Bet they don’t flip off whenever​ the check arrives in the mail over at the reservation which inevitably, they end up wasting it on whiskey and Listerine.

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  9. The Democrats call these people voters. CNN calls viewers. Welfare calls them recipients. I call them, “holding-the-bag” after I flee this crumbling country.


  10. The finger, bird, flip off, whatever you wish to call it is an entirely English invention.
    This would be a classic case of Cultural Appropriation by these bitter half-wits.


  11. Their contempt is understandable. Every time they see the creative and productive work of a white man, it reminds them that they are worthless parasites.

    It must be difficult for a blood sucker to remain attached to such a despised host, Especially when that host might wake up and forcibly remove them.

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  12. Fucking prairie niggers. Get the fuck back into your shanties you primates, and be grateful the White man lets you live.


  13. they r native americans…this is their land…they’re saying fuck you to the people responsible for the genocide of their ancestors


  14. Someday that monument will include Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. Then the bird-flipping will be sincere. (He’ll be on the viewers’ far left)


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