1. This reminds me of a billboard in the town I live in. It is advertisement for the largest school district in a city of about 90,000. The school district is notoriously black and has the horrible reputation you would expect for majority dindu. Well, the sign has about ten kids on it, only ONE is black! And the kid out front is a chicano. I wonder if parents could sue for false advertising?

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    1. I note the greyed White girl looks like “Scout” from the propagandistic “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The White non Jewish male is absent much as he is air brushed out of history and media.


  2. Figures that it would be my shitty fucking state. Riddle: if Mississippi is the armpit of America, what is Alabama? The rectum.


  3. The population of that piece is very interesting. Hispanic (?) boy, check. Black girl, check. Where are the white people? The smart one is a ghost, and the living one is shoved in the back, almost out of frame. The quick and the dead are both girls. There are no white males to be seen.

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  4. They don’t even have Chinese and Indian kids, who are stereotypical brainiacs. Not all minorities are equal, especially if they have too many Dr Patels or Dr Lees.

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    1. To hell with Dr. Patel and Dr. Lee. They’ve got their vast continental areas on the other side of the planet whereat to exercise their magnificence.

      But they like all “minorities” of over a billion always somehow choose to come to white lands among white people and turn it into their crappy homelands via population stratification and corruption.

      The photo above isn’t a photo in the white man’s sense–reality documented in a mechanically achieved simulacrum.

      It’s religious propaganda like a saint’s card or church sculpture targeted at those for whom the Brilliant Black Boy, Wise Latina, and Grinning Eager Filipino are the new Holy Trinity.

      The black kid can’t even manage to look serious. Just smug. Suggests that below the photo’s bottom frame he’s uploading a photo of his dick to WSHH and knows where the body of the ghostly white girl is hidden.

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    1. The Jew owns all gold and prints the money.

      There are no goyim with access to control of all corporations, which do this advertising.

      For christs sake (((they))) just forced out the Uber founder.

      (((Property))) must be confiscated.


  5. Everything in advertising and movies is upside down. Exactly the opposite of what you usually encounter in real life.

    Blacks and mestizos are uber-intelligent, noble and wise – particularly Black women.
    Jews are idealistic, kind, loyal, selfless, not interested in materialistic things.
    Gay men are the true family men, faithful, monogamous, great parents.
    Transvestites are mentallly stable, brave and thoughtful.
    Autists are geniuses.
    White men are always evil and/or dumb.

    Sometimes I think the directors/producers/writers of these ads and movies know it’s an exercise in wishful thinking.

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  6. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t the girl in the background look Jewish? That nose is a dead giveaway. So what we are seeing is a dead white girl, no white boys and two muds. Behold the future!


  7. Love how they arranged the text: “a commitment to elevating our DNA”.
    …and of course the genocidal combo of White girls + dindu + paki….


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