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Advertising is a complex, insidious, mass psy ops. Every word is carefully chosen for maximum hindbrain impact, designed to convey a specific moral authority and to feed an urge to status striving, all to persuade you to buy the product (and by proxy to buy the lifestyle). Just look at this ad word-by-word for the hidden meanings:

  • miscegenation is “no secret at all”
  • miscegenation is “purity”
  • miscegenation is “more vibrant” than “regular” same-race couples

What advertising says about 2017 Americans is what Americans have begun to think about themselves. We are heading down a dark road.


    1. “In the United States, White male/Black female is the rarest pairing of all, which is why you see it everywhere in the media.”

      The people just haven’t been “encouraged” enough.

      You want children and offspring that resembles you, your ancestors and your people?
      No. Diversity demands you submerge your recessive charms in genetic mud.
      White Privilege for men now means, “If you Whitemales must reproduce at all, you may choose jungle booty to have mulattoes or you may have a waifu…”


      1. Wait one.

        Last week we had to date trannies and not have the trannies admit they were trannies and not care that they were trannies so as to be nontrannyphobic.

        But this week it’s jungle booty?

        Can someone please write an app where white guys get hooked up with whoever we’re supposed to be cheerfully pronging this week in the service of Diversitopia as adjudicated by our Cultural Betters? Sorta the Unification Church meets Grindr.

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      2. In the Religion of the Old Testament, G*d used to promise his heroes countless thousands of descendants who will populate the world.

        In the Religion in Our Current Year, an app like Olorin’s could promise sexy sons who look like this:

        …who can thug it up hot enough for the sluts to “forget” to take their Pill.

        Result: Thug Buns in Slut Ovens X10000

        The future World Idiocracy will be filled with your vibrant swaggering bastard offspring!


    1. Not to mention that sickly-sweet rotten milk odor of the groid. Ugh. It’s bad enough walking by and smelling it, but actually engaging in amorous activity with that? There ain’t enough barf bags in the world.


  1. Another hindbrain implant: the color of Jemima’s coffee is “mulatto”.

    IDK what ‘wamsutta’ is, but it sounds aboriginal.


    1. Oldest son of Massasoit, if my NE shipbuilding and fishing memory holds. (New Bedford area.)

      My recollection is that he was a real estate entrepreneur who pissed off the Plymouth colony establishment for selling his tribe’s lands to not-them. I.e. to the less corporate/more militia-based Rhode Island.

      Plymouth arrested and interrogated him. He died shortly after release, leaving many to suspect he’d been poisoned. This was used as a pretext for King Philip’s War.

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  2. Actually, the rarest pairing is Jewish woman, black man, according to hard data from a study the OK Cupid online dating site. It’s ironic that Jews are the least interested in dating minorities, given that Jews form the financial and intellectual core of the anti-racism (anti-white) movement.


  3. You analysis of this ad piece is top notch, sir. Indeed, the whole advertising field is a psy-op to convince people of… buying things they don’t need to buy. (Or they shouldn’t buy). That ad advertising company is criminal, the ad guys are criminal, the company is criminal, every party is a criminal there.


  4. Well, if the media was not consolidated among a few like-minded (((people))) with similar goals, not all of them would be on board with pushing miscegenation and mass mixing/integration until there are no real diverse groups or people left except (((themselves))) of course.

    What I just don’t get is how few people are willing to call them out on it. Everyone knows it’s true, despite their name calling “anti-semite!” “right wing!” etc., it’s time to call a spade a spade.


  5. Food for thought: which members of society consume more, r selected individuals or K selected individuals… what if the groups we’re fighting against are trying to guide the herd to become r selected. So that they can sell more product.

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  6. “Honeybunches, you know what would make these gloriously white sheets perfect?”

    “What, sweetums?”

    “If we cut some eye holes.”

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  7. This promotion of race-mixing is having an impact. I spent a whole day at a Cedar Fair amusement park this weekend and counted numerous white girl/black guy pairings–all in their teens.

    Question for Gen Xers: have middle-aged white men lost that much control over their family or are the dads cool with it, too?

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    1. The dads are a bunch of beta pussies with no respect from their whore daughters. They’re probably furious over this but don’t have any idea how to deal with it, are scared of being called racist, and too weak to do it even if they knew how.

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    2. “Question for Gen Xers: have middle-aged white men lost that much control over their family or are the dads cool with it, too?”

      Race and ethnic mixing are normal. They aren’t that big of deal for most white people.

      {ed: wrong. first, interracial mixing isn’t normal…yet. the numbers are still small. second, white people are cowed into suppressing their true thoughts on the matter, which are less than flattering.}


  8. The skype propaganda definitely has an effect, but less than they’d like. I know a white guy who swears that naggeresses are hot. If you let him talk, he’ll tell you about the future where everyone has “beautiful mocha skin” from mongrelizing their blood lines. He married one of the palest white women I’ve ever seen. No mongrel descendants for him. His talk was just that. Empty virtue signalling.

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    1. That’s what economists call revealed preference. What he was really saying was don’t hurt me I am a compliant. But that would be humiliating to say.


  9. This is encourage by “the tribe”. Who do you think controls all the media in the US. You think its the freaking Irish πŸ˜‰ ? Come on.

    All the white European people need to get it through their thick skulls, they want to DESTROY YOU. Eliminate YOU, YOUR HISTORY and YOUR FUTURE. You will have the future they decide which means ELIMINATION.

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  10. Give them bad ratings on Amazon. Be advised that reviews are minimally curated so mentioning the ad’s propaganda may get your review rejected. Just claim the sheets are shitty.

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  11. Are you sure she isn’t a dark Hindu? Sort of has that awkward boney body type Indians have, not really the black body type. Could they both be Indians? Dots not feathers.


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