Fat chicks try to silence reality




  1. I think that one big difference between female obesity and male obesity is this: while the health and aesthetics problems are common to both sexes, female obesity is totalitarian. Fat men don’t demand to be called Big Beautiful Boys. They don’t lie themselves that they are voluptuous, gorgeous and curvy. They don’t want to change the standards of beauty existing since the beginning of humanity. They don’t shame and bully thin people (“eat a sandwich!:), they don’t ask to vanity change the sizes of clothes, they don’t ask to erase the word “fat” from public converations. Fat men usually deal with their problems individually and in silence, while fat women want to change society, dictionaries, standards, reality and human nature to ease the burden of their fatness, acting as true Stalinists in the process.

    That’s why the female obesity epidemic is more dangerous than a matter of health and aesthetics, and an affront not only to Beauty, but also to Truth, and well-deserving of the Shiv.

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    1. the female behavior and attitude you describe is very similar the liberal-leftist behavior and attitude.

      i have been saying for years that leftism is the female side of politics, it has all the irrationality and lack of maturity females have about so many things, it is all about me me me and everyone else is wrong, and so on and so forth

      liberal = female = irrational/hysterical/immature

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    2. It’s because a man has less to lose (heh) in sexual market value by being fat than a woman. He still has money, humor, charisma/learned game, sexual prowess and cock size, general looks, personality, the list goes on, that makes him appealing.

      Women have beauty, fertility, and femininity, of which being fat makes them less beautiful, less healthy and therefore less able to create an offspring with good genetics, and less feminine. Of course they scream lies to try to inflate (heh) their sexual market value, they have more (heh) to lose.


    3. female obesity is totalitarian

      you’re drawing your definition too stringently.

      Female Solipsism is totalitarian and is why the Founding Fathers did not give women the franchise.

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    4. Perhaps that is because there already is fat acceptance for men. A man who is 20-30 pounds overweight is seen in society as normal and common place. A beer belly doesn’t reduce a man’s social value so long as he brings other things to the table: professional success, wealth, humor, a handsome face, etc. One the other hand, women are often defined by their appearance. 20-30 extra pounds make her invisible in American culture, despite her other attributes. That is what the body acceptance movement is endeavoring to change. They aren’t forcing or encouraging obesity, but are seeking the same acknowledgment of their humanity that men of all sizes are granted.

      {ed: the body acceptance movement is a pack of lies because it rests on the fundamentally false premise that men and women are the same but for social conditioning convincing everyone otherwise. women are “defined by their appearance” precisely because a women’s appearance is the most important biological factor contributing to her romantic and reproductive success.}


      1. Bro can you imagine if there was an autism acceptance movement? A lot of the things that contribute to a man’s social value such as success, wealth, humor, and friendships requires the ability to be in tune with others and relate to them. Much like a woman’s weight is everything.

        All the socially awkward men ban together to whine and cry about how they struggle because of their lack of social skills and that no one likes them. How women, employers and people should just accept that they can’t read body language or not know what is socially appropriate.

        Well that is what the fat acceptance movement is, just a bunch of fat women crying instead of going to the gym and losing the weight.


      2. Yet the women in the fat acceptance movement don’t try to convince anybody about their professional success, sense of humor, kindness or humanity. They try to convince themselves and others, in spite of all evidence and in spite of what our eyes can see, that they are beautiful, gorgeous, voluptuous, curvy, awsome, etc. – only physical attributes. Something that fat men never do – they don’t lie to themselves and others they are handsome and voluptuous, and fat men who have success with women emphasize other attributes, not their appearance.
        That’s because – as CH mentioned – men and women are different and value different qualities in the opposite sex. When they insist on being recognized as beautiful and sexy, fat women involuntarily admit that a woman”s appearance is the most important thing for her romantic, reproductive and sexual success. Orherwise, why do they insist so much on these ridiculous lies and delusions about their looks?


    1. Seems like a potential for some money making there.

      Create a gym based around the “cathartic” smashing of scales and watch the pounds drop?

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  2. Not pictured: on-call paramedics terrified about the certainty of having to load one of these hamplanets in their ambulance after she collapses with “shortness of breath”.


  3. This is the epitome of turning a blind eye to reality and complete denial of the truth. It truly sums up everything they are trying to brainwash/bully everyone into forgetting.


  4. @ Random Guy
    “Frustrated? Go break things at the Smash Shack” A San Diego entrepreneur has found a perfect business for frustrating times: Selling customers breakables to fling against walls. When Sarah Lavely gets angry, she likes to break things. Not all the time, but on days when everything seems to be going wrong, she has been known to throw some plates against a wall.

    The comments are telling – some wicked people right there: https://www.facebook.com/TheSmashShack


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