What do you call 20,000 lesbians in the desert? A: Fat




  1. “What’s your angle?” I ask her. “Well, you know, we’re going to show all the tits and ass,” she says, as her cameraperson zooms in on just that, “and then we’re going to show why it’s actually really meaningful.” She pauses for a moment. “So far though, all we’ve got is the tits and ass.”

    A gay producer doing a gay documentary on a gay festival reducing all of the women in attendance to T&A. Hashtag problematic.

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  2. Lsmv women are fat cows who can’t get any action so they turn rag munching it’s all a facade though, they want the bacon big time! fucking slobs.

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  3. The gym where I go is packed with gay dudes.
    I usually can’t tell, don’t pay attention and don’t care.

    So often I’m astonished that some otherwise normal looking dude says something that totally gives away the fact that he’s gay, is reading some book about gay history or anthropology or more frequently than I wish, one actually comes on to me.

    The thing is, these gay guys look great. They’re well groomed, well dressed, stylish, and… They’re fit… very fit… intimidatingly, unrealistically, competitively fit like the Men’s Health coverboys. Clearly the gay guys nowadays put in LOTS of effort to improve themselves toward the reigning masculine ideal and make themselves the pretty flower that all the queer butterflies can’t help noticing. It’s also obvious and understandable that the women will look at the gay guys and think, “Hot damn I wish that one was for me…”

    The result… Gay Guys RAISE THE BAR for Straight Guys.

    With lesbians it’s quite the opposite.

    These also take extraordinary efforts, but instead their efforts are filled with spite & hate for the feminine and are directed to conceal, subvert or destroy whatever natural healthy feminine gifts there might have been. Speaking with many will make obvious their hate for men and how they revel in giving natural feminine norms and beauty standards the middle finger. Defying the natural order gives them an illusion and a feeling of immeasurable power. That it pisses off men, is a bonus pleasure that makes ’em especially happy.

    So what exactly do they do?

    They chop off their hair, shave their heads, or style what hair they do have left into something even more creatively repellent, subversive and provocative, while celebrating and flaunting their best attempts to grow body hair under the arms or on the legs…

    They dress themselves in a most severely or slovenly casual way that makes the “cargo shorts” dudes women often love to mock look like GQ fashion models.

    And don’t get me started in how they deface and mutilate their skin along with the rest of their bodies with various extensive as well extravagantly expensive investments in tattoos and piercings.

    They also either poison themselves with food so they bloat up such extraordinary proportions, one wonders how they can still play ladies softball or golf… or else they succumb to some extreme competitive fitness cult like cross-fit or power lifting that erases any traces of feminine from their bodies while adding an unattractive bulk and “cuts” to conceal whatever’s left.

    The peculiar conscious body modification among lesbians (as well as feminists of any polarity and increasingly all American women in general) to eradicate feminine hallmarks is probably worth further scrutiny. Miss Reality Winner is an excellent current example. She hasn’t quite been able to eradicate all remaining softness and curves from her body and the delicacy of the features of her face, such as the diminutive soft chin, betray that she was NOT from birth estrogen deficient. It’s obvious that Miss Winner could have benefited from her not insignificant genetic gifts, had she not turned them down. In this case it was not the seed that was tainted, but rather the culture in which the seed was sown. The Parable of the Sower is indeed probably quite apt, explaining how temptation and distraction by the noxious weeds of feminism and mass media driven narcissism choke whatever beautiful natural potential there might have been. Instead of wholesome natural beauty, the weeds leave us with something quite unhealthy, sickly and degenerate… bitter faces and bodies that betray the depraved sick nature that they’ve become. Physiognomy betrays character, or as I like to paraphrase George Orwell, “Eventually we all get the face we deserve…”

    From my travels I’ve come to appreciate that adult women in other countries more often radiate something of a spark, a sweetness, also a hopeful innocence left over from girlhood that appears as well as all but extinct in American adult women. I haven’t observed the same degree how innocence has already been completely been extinguished among American kids as among the adults. We must be doing something truly awful.. especially to our daughters for the terrible transformation to be taking place…

    In Miss Winner’s case, she was probably still quite the cutie as a girl, however a toxic anti-feminine culture spoiled all that potential when it scorns everything that would make a pleasant woman of fine character. Instead of glorifying mothers and motherhood, these are denigrated as retrograde and oppressive. Instead young women are goaded by Title IX and coaxed by eager indulgent cucked daddies to become jocked powergirls. The absurdity of feminism is how it discards all “all things feminine” & while appropriating masculine values to judge women. If they had exclusively appropriated positive values, like courage, independence and bold self-confident striving for success, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as it’s become. These unfortunately have also embraced the worst and most uncivilized characteristics of masculinity and amplified them… think exaggerated swagger and aggression, challenging disagreeability, the crude proud displays of swearing, belching and flatulence. Civilized men would be ashamed to do any of these while uncivilized men are shamed when they do. Young women on the other hand are cheered when they perform any of this grossness, as if it were cute or some profound revolutionary statement against conforming to the patriarchy.

    I used to think women are merely projecting their own attractions on men when they cultivate the same kind of strengths that they find so irresistible in men. I’ve however come to believe there might be something more to it, recognizing an aspect of narcissistic autoandrophilia… that they’re striving to make themselves into the very image of the heroic objects of their own attraction… not merely out of some misguided attempt to attract men but rather as a narcissistic end in itself… to seduce themselves as themselves imagined as men equipped with the same masculine strengths that they find so compelling. Perhaps the initial inspiration for this twisted self-directed narcissistic impulse was innocent enough. A certain degree of self-confidence, self-reliance independence, courage and ambition striving for success can be of course positive. Encouraging women’s social and economic independence might have made sense in an always unpredictable world but especially in an increasingly atomized modern society that didn’t any more firmly discourage men from unreliability or abandoning their previous traditional duties to “provide & protect.” Unfortunately contemporary women have exaggerated these masculine characteristics they’ve been trying so hard to appropriate to such a degree that they’ve become caricatures… almost like the ridiculously exaggerated efforts transwhat women undertake to simulate a feminine presentation in order to pass as such in public. The parallel between transwhat women and pseudomasculine women is perhaps apt. Suffering feelings of inadequacy, inauthenticity and self-consciousness, both resort to exaggeration and overcompensation in an attempt to make up for remaining deficits. Transsexual men who dream of becoming women have gotten much more attention and study that what I’m now considering and many theorize these are motivated by a fundamental targeting error in their erotic drive. Instead of being attracted to other women as individuals, they are attracted primarily to themselves imagined as women. Hard to wrap grasp the impulse that would give rise to this narcissistic notion of autogynephilia but it certainly looks very similar to what’s happening with the massive epidemic of pseudomasculine women… not just lesbians. Perhaps it seems absurd to compare men who garb themselves in feminine clothes as well as surgically and hormonally modify their bodies with women who merely cultivate self-confidence and ambitions for status and success, but the parallels make complete sense if one considers that the primary, indeed the most important characteristics by heterosexual men are appearance, anatomical, morphological presentation of the body as well as the apparel that packages it to show it off in the most favorable way possible. Meanwhile for heterosexual women, the the most important traits they are seeking in men are contextual… primarily social… things like dominance, status, ambition, success… all of which women weigh much more than the man’s immediate appearance or physical presentation. So when both men and women succumb to the misdirected self-oriented narcissistic erotic impulse, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that men and women emphasize and appropriate very different traits for their transgender simulation and “transformation.”

    Finally could epidemic autoandrophilia explain why so many women have become completely uninterested or incapable of real relationships with men… because a perverted distortion of their sex drive has been redirected to fixate on the self as imagined as the opposite male sex instead towards another male individual? For the past generations, we’ve been telling them to be strong, independent and self-sufficient and not ever to trust, rely or become completely dependent on men. They’ve just eventually really taken it to the extreme that “Sisters” (imagined as men) truly are “doing it for themselves.”

    Whether it’s autoandrophilia or something much simpler, these pseudomasculine women can try all they wish, they’ll never be anything more than 2nd rate men.
    What’s also certain is that in contrast to gay men, lesbians (and also feminists) are LOWERING THE BAR for straight women. Lesbians love it that their desecration of all that is feminine pisses off men; men’s rage and frustration just inspires and emboldens feminist women many of whom are also just looking for an excuse not to make any effort whatsoever. These women so earnestly wish to believe in the “come-as-you-are” fantasy, because they’re truly brainwashed that “it’s only what’s inside that counts.” Well if it’s only what’s inside that counts, single men could be afford to be indifferent just to go run off with wise old men of good character who would be a lot less trouble than putting up with women’s insufferable tests and challenges.

    Gay guys on the other hand are brutal. They seem to expect the others to bring it, so they bring it themselves… too busy with self-improvement to succumb to the ladies’ fantasy that “come-as-you-are” could ever be good enough.

    {ed: it bears mentioning that gays who are regulars in the weight room are almost all taking mass quantities of steroids. steroid muscles look different than natural muscles. gays are known drug abusers, so for them the leap to steroids is a tiny hop. and gay men give the middle finger to masculine demeanor, (many are very flamboyant), and while this may not disgust women it sure doesn’t arouse women.]


    1. I think it was Camille Paglia who said more or less this: gay men are all about sex and little love. Lesbians are all about love and little sex.

      So, as a consequence, usually gay men try to be fit and fashionable. And usually, lesbians are frumpy and unattractive – the opposite of sex(y).

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    2. “From my travels I’ve come to appreciate that adult women in other countries more often radiate something of a spark, a sweetness, also a hopeful innocence left over from girlhood that appears as well as all but extinct in American adult women.”

      And you would be dead wrong here.


  4. Say what you will, but of all the horrors couched in this “celebratory” article, this is the most abjectly terrifying:

    “While it’s normally irritating to get relentlessly advertised to, in this case it’s a sign of progress. You’re not a real human until you’re recognized by corporate America.”

    That second, brief sentence speaks volumes of modernity’s priorities, values, self-perception and self-worth. None of it good.


    1. That’s terrifying indeed. Globalist corporatism is the death of human spirit as we know it. How can souldead corporate robots recognize “real humans”?


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