Cradling Solipsism



  1. A better summation of modern woman I cannot find.

    Was thinking about why we look outward for validation. Why to material rather than maternal things. Inward things. Advertising capitalizes on our existential selves, our potent emptiness, and says “this can fill your void!”

    Coupled with smart women being encouraged to succeed in careers and have only one or two kids and, you can sell them anything to cherish…for now. Until the next Season starts and Hermes is the new Michael Kors.

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    1. I like dogs. I’ve had a couple good ones in my life but I never lower my standard of living to keep them. I know an attractive 27 year old blonde who’s college educated and makes good money. No kids but has two big dogs in her mid-century home and they tear it up. Dog hair all over, tracking dirt in the house and she treats them like they’re children. It makes me uncomfortable. Something evil about doting on animals when so many children go neglected.

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    1. I was at the counter at the post office one day shipping a package. The lady at the next register had her purse setting on the counter. I needed both hands so I leaned my cane against the counter. It fell to the ground and narrowly missed the woman’s baby, sitting unattended on the floor in one of those car seats that transforms in to some sort of baby holster.


  2. Actually, this was in a diverse, vibrant neighborhood and she is just running from a pack of dingus (maybe muzzies). She is cradling the bag to be more balanced as she dodges dogshit and dead bodies while making a dash for the gentrified part of the ghetto. Unfortunately, when she got there, all the stores were locked to keep out the riffraff. She was gang raped before they unlocked the security system.


  3. She’s got the degenerate hair dye too. Geez girls, is it so hard not to ruin your hair’s natural beauty with some plasticky yellow dye??


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