Disowning Used To Be The Dignified Option

But now White man is supposed to suck it up and pretend he enjoys descending into the gutter.



  1. I have laid down the law on my stance on this in my house. Of course, it’s considered racist and backwards to make a statement against it, until little white blonde blue eyed teen SJW is told about the life of a mudshark and how many mixed babies she will get to raise alone. Then, the story makes more sense…

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    1. I started very early telling my girls as I brushed their hair,”Your hair is so beautiful, It’s so smooth, so straight, so gorgeous. Other women pay sooo much money to make their hair look like yours.” You work on from that. It really is self pride!

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  2. Dad’s mistake was taking off the jacket, at that point they decided it was all “casual” and your traditional social rules don’t apply anymore.

    Forgot to keep your frame Grandpa.

    Notice how it’s all black people at one point and all white people at the other?

    Very integrated isn’t it.


  3. I’m sure no one here is shocked to discover that their “hip”, “creative” music all sounds exactly alike, and could have been created with a simple drum machine and a link to Urban Dictionary.

    An apt metaphor for a decadent, doomed culture.

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    1. This is one of the reasons I hate large party gatherings, particularly weddings. The “music” is always an ear-shattering mess with some gorilla grunting indiscernible phrases–all vulgar nonsense.

      No one really dances, just the obligatory crotch rubbing. Whatever happened to the Jitterbug, Foxtrot, Charleston, Boogie-Woogie, Lindy Hop, line-dance, swing or the standard waltz? The Bop, The Twist, The Stroll, The Calypso, The Limbo, The Locomotion…where did that stuff go?

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  4. Now I finally understand why primitive savages invented the loincloth, codpiece, etc.

    Savage dudes gotta show off that cut torso and those abs!


  5. The sound track of deracinated, dumbed down America …Over 30 years of talking about shorties at da club and high end luxury items…all to the same rhythm…

    Bland, dull, 100% carnal, materialist garbage, designed to deaden the spirit and completely cut the listener off from tradition and anything transcendent…

    Who owns and controls this industry?


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