Down is up

The lies we tell ourselves sure make for sappy clickbait.



  1. There was a BOTM contest a while back that featured her “boyfriend” as the Beta. Also, looking at those pics makes me sick.


    1. Such a thing exists? Since they’re almost always in the care of parents into adulthood, who the hell is giving permission for their retarded child to do porn???


  2. Truth be told, setting aside for a moment that it’s readily apparent that she’s a tard, she looks more fuckable than all the tatted up blue-haired femcunt fatties waddling around. Probably has a better personality too.

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    1. Personality is probably about equal. What I recall from the earlier BOTM, Corkette thought she was ‘all that and a bag of shit’, simply because she was being exploited by the fashion industry who love perverting the ideal beauty. I mean, because she’s a model.
      Also read somewhere that the putrid African monstrocity, widely known as “Precious”, was a spoiled stuckup cunt who thought her shit didn’t smell as bad as herself, because ‘she famous’.


  3. The entire “story” consists of quotes from her mother. Once again, we have a child being used as a prop for a parent’s (what odds she’s a single mom?) personal crusade, in this case, the “what’s inside is beautiful” trope and, secretly, her shame about not having a “normal” daughter.

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  4. From a parent’s perspective, she’s probably less of a headache than the typical “normal” western skank. It’s cool if she’s really trying to choose her own path.

    She could definitely model for that particular market. Modeling for anything using a “sex sells” approach however would just be pathological virtue pretending by everyone involved. People have evolved natural revulsion to obvious chromosomal defects for obvious reasons. Nothing to be upset or ashamed about. It just is.

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    1. If you had ever worked with the Dev Disabled population you would know they screw like rabbits. Every chance they get, male, female, animal , vegetable or mineral it does not matter.


      1. Someone mentioned at Vox Day’s that he worked at a group home for potatoes. He mentioned ”as soon as the girls have their first menstruation they get put on Norplant, because they get it on any chance they get”. A version of Bob Barker’s ”spay or neuter your pets”.
        Just makes sense, two potatoes will likely create another potato, and many can barely or are unable to care for themselves, let alone offspring.


  5. Eh I guess it’s nice she has a job and a boyfriend.

    Handicapped models are what they are.

    Not sure it totally belongs in Goodbye America.

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    1. It’s why Madeline’s proportions where chosen, which exhibit the rot of society… her claim to fame was when she model’d some couture gown at NYC fashion week. Models are stick thin not because “toxic masculinity” wants them to be… models are thin so that the audience and target market can see how the clothes flow. You can’t see how a nice dress is supposed to look on a fat mishapen girl…. Even Lane Bryant does this… Lane Bryant mainly sells size XXXXL, but in their “FAT is beautiful” commercials, the models are all XXL… Cus you wouldn’t be able to tell how the clothes look/flow, if they were any bigger. Madeline is a plant by individuals whom have devious goals to confuse… Beauty is objective… fMRI studies show this.


  6. Maybe it’s the perverse part of me, but part of the reason for this girl losing that much weight is probably her mom (no surprise) trying to hook her up with some stud, or perhaps a rich guy. I mean, she does have a nice bikini body (not to mention she’s no longer jailbait), but other than a fellow Downs Syndrome sufferer, I don’t see any normal man having her for long other than weird style sex. And no, people with Downs Syndrome can’t do everything, as my experience with the grocery baggers at my local supermarket is any indication. Not to be a dick, just being brutally honest.

    And on the subject, on the same page at the bottom there’s a link about former Playboy Playmates posing years later on the cover. And yes, it’s a clusterfuck of women WAAYYY past their prime. Below is a sample. Definitely NSFW and hopefully you’re not consuming a meal. Unless you’re into Antiques Roadshow porn.


  7. Longtime Chateau lurker, finally compelled to comment after many years. Three points: 1) face aside, her body is actually pretty good , 2) a true connoisseur should tick every box (“gotta catch ’em all”), and, most importantly, 3) has anyone here ever fucked a Mongo? I would have to imagine it would be … primal and uninhibited … maybe like the “deaf girl” anecdote from Tucker Max.


  8. Since she’s no longer jailbait, I wonder how many men have fapped to her? Whether that was her mom’s intention is to be seen.


    1. Actually she still is, with downies, the number of years old doesn’t matter, they’re still considered not (mentally) old enough to consent.
      It’s common to hear people describe downies as ”they have the mind of a [single digit]-old child” no matter how old they actually are.
      Though I do suspect her mom’s intention is to make her sexually ”appealing”. Hell, you see that with single moms with their little (as in pre-teen) girls.


  9. As inspiration for the ‘tard community it’s a good thing (I suppose), but forcing that on the rest of us as “normal” is what makes it a candidate for a goodbye post.


  10. I do not mean to joke about this, not that I’m virtue signaling, but I can see how this goes down. Madeline will be trotted out on fashion runways all over the globe. She will hangout with the degenerate stick figures in the modeling industry. She will start ingesting stimulants to keep her looking heroin chic, just a little at first. Soon, her habit will be costing thousands of dollars per week and she’ll be doing other substances as well, to offset the sleeplessness and other tensions. She’ll develop a diva personality, get a dindu fuk buddy, and pontificate on why Trump is Hitler. Her mother, who created her model daughter will try to regain control but will be kicked to the curb. She’ll overdose, spend time in a hospital, then go through recovery. She will tell all Mongoloids the dangers of drug use and how she takes life one day at a time. She will convert to Islam. Then start studying Kabbalah. She will relapse but then get a bit part in some movie as the kind loving differently abled friend to the female lead. In the movie, she’ll know martial arts and discover her inner lesbian. After bottoming out and being on dreck like Dancing With the Stars, she’ll be found dead in some crack house with enough chemicals in her body to supply Denmark. There will be a Hallmark movie of her life and she’ll be mentioned in the same breath with Kurt Cobain. She’ll even be given her own hashtag.

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  11. I can hardly wait for the Hallmark movie after she’s found dead in some crack house with enough chemicals in her body to supply Denmark.


  12. I clicked in the link out of morbid curiosity…..literally throw up my breakfast. I’m not kidding, I had to run to the bathroom.


  13. Sneering at disabled people. Impressive.

    [ed: incorrect. chastising deluded shithead parents using their tard kids as props to virtue signal and spread the toxic message that ugliness and disability is the equal of beauty and normalcy.]


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