Muh One World Dik



  1. Probably flew first class to NYC, but once off the plane he resumes his noble savage routine. The fucking Vatican is sitting right behind him, too. This should cut down on the expense reporting for their missionary efforts.


  2. Yet I assume his vote counts just as much as the U.S. delegate or the British delegate. That’s right, a savage sitting with a gourd on his Johnson has the same power in the UN as a civilized man from a Western nation. If this isn’t depressing, nothing is.


  3. Search for this and saw it in a Reddit photoshop thread (was then removed by a mod). Any confirmations of veracity? Regardless, that we all believe it could be true, or at least that sh!tlibs would defend the guy, is enough.


    1. He was in the running, but no, it went to a transgender female negro muslim. Having a johnson is a no-no for the Demonicrat party.


  4. Papua New guinea is a prime example of the incredible places to be found that are completely ruined by the subhuman savages that dwell there. A veritable paradise on earth, and that right there is all it can offer. Depopulation of the 3rd world needs to be reexamined.

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  5. I must say, I’m actually envious of this guy. Mostly because I presume this guy can leave the UN compound, walk around Central Park with what looks like a drinking horn on his weiner, and because he’s considered a multiculturalism treasure, he doesn’t have to worry about being thrown in jail, sharing a shower with Bubba, and having to register as a sex offender for life.

    Also, I bet the fattie in the back wouldn’t mind enjoying the “vibrancy” of that guy’s horn.

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  6. I don’t see what the problem is, I wear a formal penis gourd to weddings all the time. Also, facing plenty of legal problems from wearing my penis gourd. Win some lose some!


  7. I actually like this guy – he’s free to express his ethnic identity unlike all Europeans. Imagine Germans going to UN with their national costume? No way.


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