Rosie the Clitflicker



  1. “Pleasure Is Your Birthright”

    It’s hard to imagine a more bankrupt, empty philosophy than this. The notion that merely being born earns you anything is asinine enough, but to believed you’re owed ‘pleasure’? The blind pursuit of pleasure (and the concomitant desperate avoidance of any discomfort) isn’t merely infantile, it’s the lifestyle of paramecia!

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    1. Women don’t really understand pleasure. It has to be a job for them to actually be able to attain it. The same with relaxation. A man can just relax in his recliner. A female has to book a beach resort, spend 3 weeks acquiring shit she will need once upon vacation, go through the TSA buttrape and fly 6 hours to some tropical site. Once there, she must put on her “costume” and then go out to the beach and… nothing. Except lie there. All for a grand total of $7,000. It must be horrible to have no freewill.


  2. Oh how I remembered when stuff like this was sold in obscure shops frequented by creepy looking neckbeards and horny teen boys with fake IDs. I can’t believe this is so open now.


  3. Old news–GV opened in 1970s in San Francisco. Work of the egregiously homely Jew Joani Blank

    In the mid-’90s she sold the biz to “her workers.” Not sure when the flagship store in the Mission District opened, but it was there when the Internet boom hit. They opened another store in that era in Berkeley IIRC.

    The place is run by egregiously homely “feminist pornographer” Jew Jackie (Jack) Rednour-Bruckman… (see #9)

    …and egregiously homely Carol Queen

    Who is not Jewish but constantly sucked up (ugh) to them:

    If you want to know the rot these females have helped further on men as well as women, dig up Zombietime’s accounts of SF “festivals” Folsom St. Fair and Up Your Alley.

    Have an empty stomach.


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