1. There’s an unholy symbiosis between the two. In some ghastly way, the Jews provide the brains and the Muslimes supply the brawn. Not that they like each other very much, but these Semites seem to work together against the non-Semites quite readily.

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    1. As they did in Spain up until 1492 when both were thrown out. History is a good starting point for where we are headed once again. It only took Christian Europe 700 years to expel both of them, but in a decade Spain would see unprecedented prosperity with its New World colonies.

      Makes you wonder what we could accomplish if we were no longer under the yoke of the twin enemies of Christ.

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    2. All deniers of Jesus Christ will unify to attack His people. It’s simply mans final war against God, the creator of structure and unity. Satan prays on middle-of-the-road reactions to his deeds. People who are neither hot nor cold. Satan is the author of confusion and honestly, that’s all I see in my life anymore–confusion and things that aren’t the way they should be.

      Our namby-pamby, burned-out baby-boomer elders lack the moral compunction to name the evil facing our declining empire. On the other side the godless, spoiled, bastard children of brand-marketing (millenials) are bent on tearing down all forms of order because they’re a generation raised by the state, no fathers, no sense of responsibility…just spend money for nothing, spit on authority, play on your iPhone and paint your body with tattoos and piercings.

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  2. Search:
    islamversuseurope.blogspot Jewish collaboration with Muslims during the Muslim invasion of Spain


    diversitymachtfrei.blogspot Jewish collaboration with Muslims during the Muslim invasion of Spain


      1. I don’t want those asshole in Canada either, but I didn’t elect that piece of human waste currently residing in the PM’s mansion.


  3. Jews and Arabs are first cousins after all (Islam is just Arab/Semitic imperialism). It’s amazing how much Judaism and Islam have in common – by the end od the day, both are manifestations of what is specifically Semitic: cruelty, tyranny, hate of freedom and free speech, lack of empathy, hate of aesthetics and art (paintings of humans and animals and music are forbidden). Semites have no place among Europeans, we are spiritually incompatible.

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  4. This is what happens when “Tikkun Olam meets Jihad”.

    It’s making the world a better place for jewish anger and satiating their hatred of white people’s historic nations. They fear a repeat of the holocaust so much they are willing to mass genocide ( per UN definitions of genocide) all their perceived enemies, irregardless of any guilt. They are becoming undifferentiated from the Nazi enemies they despise.


  5. The hatred existed even before Islam:

    Khosrau, greatest of Gods, and master of the earth, to Heraclius, his vile and insensate slave. Why do you still refuse to submit to our rule, and call yourself a king? Have I not destroyed the Greeks? You say that you trust in your God. Why has he not delivered out of my hand Caesarea, Jerusalem, and Alexandria? And shall I not also destroy Constantinople? But I will pardon your faults if you submit to me, and come hither with your wife and children; and I will give you lands, vineyards, and olive groves, and look upon you with a kindly aspect. Do not deceive yourself with vain hope in that Christ, who was not able to save himself from the Jews, who killed him by nailing him to a cross. Even if you take refuge in the depths of the sea, I will stretch out my hand and take you, whether you will or no.

    - Khosrau II, 618, in a letter to Heraclius after the Sassanid conquest of Roman Egypt


  6. Jews and Arabs are more closely related to each other than either is to the White race of Europe. So, that photo is of a bunch of kinfolk. Just not OUR kinfolk.


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