1. ‘I was devastated by witnessing aftermath of a numbing terror attack’: Muslim woman who was vilified for ‘walking past Westminster bridge horror’ reveals she HAD helped the victims and was phoning her family to let them know she was safe

      By Abe Hawken and Mark Duell for MailOnline
      06:11 EDT 24 Mar 2017, updated 12:17 EDT 24 Mar 2017

      {ed: of course she’d say that. don’t be gullible.}


      1. “…was phoning her handlers to let them know the mission was a success.”
        Who cares. Even if she was a Heroic Dindu (As Seen On TV(tm)), her heroism would not have been needed if her brother wasn’t there to commit the terrorist atrocity.
        They all have to go back. Including her.


      2. If she’s claiming any “devastation” it’s from being busted.

        This photo is piquant documentation of a lack of sense of kinship with the man on the ground.

        In a moment of emergency, whites rally around the vulnerable (both their own and, unusual among humans, others’).

        This kebab is rallying around her CookPhone and own tribe.

        That is to be expected.

        And why she and her ilk don’t belong in white nations: her instinct was NOT to help the man on the ground, or aid his helpers in any way possible.

        The woman kneeling on the ground next to the victim of Islam is not using her cell phone to say “Hey, tribal social unit ME ME ME ME ME.”

        Which is to say US US US US US. Which doesn’t include the smashed kaffir.

        We see two women kneeling at this latter-day Pieta, two women standing, waiting to be of help, and three men standing guard.

        The kebab feels no part of it no matter how much she protesteth. This is precisely why they need to go back.


  1. Sorry to be somewhat off topic but speaking of muslims

    Canada’s minister of immigration’s name is Ahmed Hussein, a non-white muslim refugee

    nope its not a joke, a muslim refugee is in charge of deciding who enters Canada.

    as I have been saying for many years there are basically two types of muslims,

    those in a hurry to build the caliphate; they use terror and murder innocents,

    the other type are much more patient, they infiltrate the system and slowly make small changes here and there, a sort of baby step approach, and it grows and grows…..and just like thermites in the walls of your house…once you realize what is going on it is too late.

    My dear American friends I recommend you build a wall on both sides, because in a few year Canada will be a muslim nation

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    1. You’re probably better off with a third-worlder who won’t brook any crap from his fellow invaders. Trudeau is really a piece of work. He would NEVER turn down anyone, but a Muslim might at least ban Sunnis if Shia, and vice-versa.


  2. Yeah, I kinda agree… Americans are allowed to PEACEABLY assemble.. we do not allow human sacrifices or riots under the 1st Amendment, so I see NO PROBLEM banning Islam as “not peaceful.”


    1. Note to White men: These will be the same women wanting to marry you when they hit age thirtysomething. Quite a conundrum. One on the one hand, Whites needs to reproduce. On the other hand… (see picture).

      And yes, the guy probably fucked at least half these girls, and his friends probably fucked the other half. Probably while mocking White men, as you can see from the fb comments. Don’t kid yourself.

      Tomi Lahren is a coalburner. What are the odds your gf cares enough about our race to stay in group?

      OT: There is some similarity for White male/Asian female pairings. However: have you ever heard a White man with an Asian GF talking shit about Asian men or trying to demean them in any way (as seen in this post)? The WW/BM combination is unique in that it has very hostile undertones. A large portion of those relationships are based around mutual hatred for White Men.


      1. Tomi Lahren likes the BBC? I thought she received a lot of attacks for going after BLM.

        Maybe to her black lives don’t matter but big black cock does!


      2. Racially conscious White Women (especially attractive ones) will always get questioned about past black sexual partners or if they are open to dating a black man. thw correct answer is “no,i prefer to date within my own race”.

        How fucking difficult is it to say that?

        But instead, they always give a sly, sexy “tee hee”, clearly signaling a naughty/forbidden sexual attraction,

        Lahren came right out and admitted to mudsharking.

        If you can’t at least not fuck googles, I can’t consider you part of the alt right. Our own white nationalist women can’t even stay pure.mudsharking shoud mean expulsion.

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    1. Great idea! Do it, Chateau! The imagery in that recent post about shitlords beating up Antifa protesters was pretty great. There’s also other good stuff like #whitegirlsaremagic and some of the new young European nationalism.


  3. cavoritegroup: I was asked out once by a black man. A blind black man, with a 14 or so year old black daughter. They seemed nice enough, but I still turned him down. WTF does a blind black man whose line of work is ‘motivational speaker’ have to offer me? No thanks. Like you said, I prefer MY race.


  4. Anglo-Saxons are unique in history, they’ve supported Islam over other religions and cultures on three continents…while not professing to be a muslim.


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