This Race Is Finished Before It Started

Ryan Hall, father of four adopted Ethiopians, is a record-holding marathon runner. He suffers from clinically low testosterone levels. He and his wife, Sara (also a runner), are Christcucks. They have no biological children. There is no claim that she is infertile.

There is a revealing blurb in their story that one social worker in their hometown is the traitorous nexus actively organizing and helping to import Africans into America.

Though the Halls’s Northern California community of Redding is small, they know at least 30 other Ethiopians in the area, including four Ethiopian children adopted by another family four years ago who are now good friends of the Halls’s children. The families shared the same social worker to help with the adoptions.

Lessons: Don’t run. Lift. Don’t marry a psychocuck. And take any social workers in your community on helicopter rides. Future America will thank you.


  1. I can’t wait to hear the stories of when these girls start dating ‘their own kind’ and the parents can’t handle the vibrancy.

    Oh that’s right the news won’t report it.

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      1. There’s no need for white men there, they’re black chicks. There are plenty of church-niggas in all black churches, they will find they may-un


  2. These white families that are taking in these kids drive me nuts. I know of one family that took in a bunch of these castaways and are now paying for it with the abject misery these kids bring about when they decide to return to their own people, and hate the very people that raised them.

    It’s really sad, but I’m tired of feeling sympathy for these people.

    Stick your hand in a alligators mouth and it’s going to get bit off.

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    1. Like Kaepernick. Raised white as snow in ‘Sconsin by a white family. Trying to outblack Shaft in order to overcompensate for his white shame. Could have just played ball, banged tens and had money for life but he had to rid himself of his white shame.

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      1. There are a lot of melanin-adopters in the Upper Midwestern states. Mostly in the cities of course. Big virtue points to be scored with one another.

        It’s gotta rankle the pets to know they’ll never, ever, fit into this thing that they can see and well know is better.

        It’s gotta rankle to have one’s own “parents” let you know in a million ways that they adopted you because, without them, you’d never be any good, nor would make it on your own.

        It’s gotta rankle to know this is true. Day in, day out, like a thousand tiny caltrops in your shoes.

        Blogger MG Miles has a top notch piece on this progressives as the new Racial Realists:


  3. So much dumb in one picture. The dogs are definitely the high point morally, intellectually, and aesthetically there.


    1. I definitely feel sorry for the dogs. They are unwilling victims in the middle of this shitstorm. The “social worker” made her money and has moved onto the next pair of suckers while these two are prime candidates for one of those crime shows where the “kids” kill their “parents”.


  4. I wonder if running and low-t typically go hand-in-hand. I have a friend who is a marathon runner who never had his own kids and recently married a single mother and now raises her three kids.

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    1. I’m pretty sure it does; long-distance running is a favourite amongst the shitlibs, because men and women are relatively equal in this category.


    2. A quick look at the average long distance runner is enough to demonstrate that this is so. Most of them look like they would lose a fight with a folding lawn chair.

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    3. Long distance running. Sprinting not so much. Non-at all with a speed chute. Good at the end of of a leg day for the extra burn.


  5. There aren’t that many googles in Redding, but there is a cult-like mega church that imports people of varying degrees of stupidity from around the world. This church is committed to bringing the Kingdom of God to earth one city at a time. They have snagged a city council seat and infiltrated the public safety community. Redding is economically depressed and slowly being turned into cuckistan by these idiots.


  6. Ry’s testosterone issues have alleviated since quitting the sport and he’s jacked now that he’s lifting weights. But is that a 1-to-1 2:4 digit ratio I see on his right hand? Androgycuck.


  7. I ran into a similar couple in a very small white town in Montana. They had brought in two very surly looking African boys to raise. It ruined my experience there that these people would drop this giant turd into an otherwise beautiful place.

    We need to bring back public shaming and ostracizing. People that bring in outsiders to ruin and prey on a community need to be shunned and punished.


  8. The way things are going they might as well go ahead and make Somalia and Ethiopia the 51st and 52nd states — would save a lot of taxpayer-funded airfare.

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  9. Nothing like seeing african mohameddan niggers strolling the streets of a beautiful far norther White city.

    Their burquas, large broods of pickaninnies, and of course the leering stares of the sub-80 IQ males is just so much winning.

    Why are huWhites so fucking stupid?

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    1. The Jew-owned & controlled MSM Conglomerates push this anti-white BULLSHIT on em. Some people are mentally strong enough to see through it, some aren’t like this woman’s fag husband


  10. A friends (not in usa but white country) adopted three ukrainians war orphan kids. But adopting ukrainians do not virtue signsal that much


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