Apples and oranges

Maybe Washington Apple Health should counsel White women on the increased risk to their health from mudsharking.



  1. Unfortunately, white women are too stupid to fully grasp the consequences of marrying down and breeding with inferior blacks until it’s too late. They’ve been totally hoodwinked by the MSM and the onslaught of liberal ideology starting in grade school up thru college. They’re don’t realize their offspring will have lower IQs than white children, will be prone to violence and criminal behavior and finally the ultimate stinging slap in the face that their children look nothing like them until it’s too late. Too late being, they’re single moms with “Bi-Racial” children that no self-respecting white man would touch with a ten foot pole.

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  2. Do marriages like the above, occur more with white females who are from upper or lower class backgrounds? or is it spread out evenly between classes? Charles Murray’s 2012 book, America coming apart, states that lower income people are marrying lower income, while upper income are marrying upper income college educated individuals… (tl;dr because knowledge based jobs for college graduates are located in and around cities…) Just based on IQ distributions and avg. salary data, most upper income individuals are probably White/Asian… so a marriage like the one pictured would be less likely to occur in upper income household. However, if miscegenation is spread out evenly across income lines… then wouldn’t it suggest propaganda is the main factor stoking degeneracy… and is not completely a structural problem. Could a platform be created, regarding the above marriage as, uncool and uncute?

    {ed: good questions. it’s not improbable that mongrelization propaganda affects lower income/dumber whites more forcefully, if we assume that IQ and class protect against media agitprop.}

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  3. “Do you have a life-threatening illness? Trust your life to the hands of our black medical staff”.

    – Worst marketing campaign ever. You biggest google-lover wouldn’t come near this if their own life was at risk.


  4. FWIW, Washington Apple Health is the name for Medicaid in this state.

    Here—-“Find out if you’re eligible”:

    From the regional analysis:

    Click to access RegionalAnalysis_20151215.pdf

    It’s pretty clear that a lot of the 2 million-ish people covered are poor, elderly, or vulnerable whites. But it’s impossible to determine how many are illegal beaners and undertow blacks sent here by other states. Or women who have made bad breeding choices, or men who contributed sperm to that devolutionary project.

    It appears the highest rate of plan use is in the blackest parts of WA (whites wait till they’re at death’s door to seek help).

    But the demographic element is hidden by design…and some of that, I know from experience, is that there are pro-white individuals inside these institutions who know that anything that benefits whites is targeted for destruction.

    The melanin/diversimasking stock photos are what you have to do to keep any program in place that helps white Americans and especially rural white Americans.


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