1. Cut the welfare and you’ll stop subsidizing the outgroup indulgences of errant white women by cutting the ability of blacks to pay for them. This is similar disincentive for women to firing/divorce nuking older men who have affairs with tasty 18 year old interns. When society punishes both with financial ruin sit back and watch the recessive white gene pool preserve itself in traditional marriages. No 1488 necessary. Of course that won’t alter the fornication market, but isn’t it about time young white men emulated the traits of their dusky competitors? Irrational self confidence, muscle mass, gang membership and assertiveness would serve them well compared to safe spaces and consent forms. Make white women barefoot and pregnant with white babies again.


    1. Nice thought, but you can’t cut welfare now, for blacks or whites. Welfare has caused a major shift in the way people who are on it breed and this has lowered the IQ of multiple generations of kids. It’s also brought about undesirable personality traits in them.

      Ever wonder why the older redneck or black folks you work are hard-working and decent, even though they might be rough around the edges? It’s because they got good post-World War II genes from hard-working dads. This is who the women preferred to breed with. But after about 1968, welfare mothers started breeding with trouble because if they had a husband in the house, they didn’t get welfare. The effects of this really took hold in the ’80s. Now you have generation after generation dumbed to the point of being functionally retarded.

      This also explains why lower-class music has turned from forward-looking pop to tuneless garbage. It needs to be dumbed-down to appeal to people with permanent fifth grade intelligence. I’m speaking specifically of the post-’90s ghetto hip hop. And by the way, despite what Hollywood tries to tell you, country music is no longer the music of lower-class whites specifically, but has major appeal to suburban whites, which is why it’s now better than hip hop. (This also explains why movies are garbage and tattoos are popular, but I’ll leave it at music.)

      So, in conclusion, you can’t end welfare because you’d be dumping people into the workforce who can barely read, write, or think. No one bred with the smart men, everyone bred with the gangatas, and this is what you get.*

      Once again, these are not the black folks who had their own business in the ’50s or the white truckers whose work ethic amazed everyone. These are people who are basically Corky from “Life Goes On” (look it up) except with a surly disposition.

      * If anyone wishes to argue this point and say “Genetic don’t matter,” then please address the following point. Tell me why it is that when middle class couples and Ivy League lesbians seek out sperm banks they select men with high intelligence and agreeable personality traits. Why don’t the women just fuck the local drug dealer or ex-con? It would be cheaper.


      1. That doesn’t mean we should just abandon the white children not born of hard working rocket scientists.

        Of course genes are extremely important, but I think you are a little too hung up on them. I’ve seen children of hard working fathers turn out to be retarded leeches, and I’ve seen the children of slackers do great things.

        Those are obviously exceptions, but a child born with shit genes is not lost. In this case, I see upbringing having a lot to do with it.

        If genes are so important (in this regard) how do you explain the exceptions? If there is even one instance of a child with terrible genes doing well, doesn’t that invalidate the entire argument?


  2. I recently went to see a performance of the Nutcracker ballet. Everywhere I looked I saw parents with their daughters (I guess ballet is more popular with little girls than boys). Every single kid was as White as the driven snow.

    I know leftists would consider this picture a big ‘fuck you’ to White people. But I consider every one of those kids I saw the other day to be a massive FUCK YOU to those who think we will fade into brown.

    We are going to survive. I’ve seen it.

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  3. If granpop isn’t a complete pussy…
    He’ll wait for the right moment…
    Slit the grand-daughter’s throat that did this,
    and throw the shit-skins in the chipper-shredder.
    Fuck ’em

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    1. In and of itself its not a defeat for Grandpa only a disappointment. He has choices.

      He could cut the granddaughter adrift and say “don’t darken my door ever again”. But by participating in the rearing of the kids he has surrendered and gone over to the enemy

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  4. Sometimes, the idea of honor killings doesn’t seem that bad. This is one of those times.
    Pawpaw looks ready to do the job if you ask me.

    I can’t imagine a higher dishonor of a family by a daughter than this. I have seen it right next door. I see it in this community frequently. White grandparent with unpleasant facial expressions trying to control some mystery meat kid. If the mama is present then it is almost 100% certain that a: she won’t be wearing a wedding ring, and b: the dark sperm donor will be nowhere to be found.

    You can’t fix stupid, and at this point any white women who cannot read or understand that there are inherent differences in races, isn’t worth our time and ultimately won’t amount to a hill of beans no matter what — in a White country she’d be working in a whore house — so no need to get upset or indignant about her — she’s low quality anyway — damaged or deficient in some way that makes her unworthy of motherhood or a good man.

    Her mystery meat sprogs will never identify as white. In fact they will hate whites with a passion unknown to their dusky father. Because their mom ruined their lives by polluting a good gene pool with mud.

    I think the mulattoes understand this intrinsically and that’s why they seem to be the most militant anti-whites.



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