1. She has a YouTube Channel. It’s actually pretty good in that it’s politically incorrect or alt-right. It didn’t compute to me initially but she comes of roughly like Milo Yiannopoulos.

        We didn’t have a transgender or transvestite problem till the left made it one. Those people were like Blair White were quietly going to the ladies room and nobody noticed.

        Now with such a large part of the population in the thrall of lunar left gender theory what was a medical problem for a tiny percentage of children has drawn in a freakshow of adult deviants.


    1. Hands were my first notice.

      My second: the tabletop-lean: upper body manspreading and lack of female inborn confidence that hips/thighs will hold it up. Females that thin never lean like that. Denotes male DNA/upper body preference.

      Cover the entire creature except its right shoulder and the prop-arm. See?

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    1. Grandpa’s hat shows a ‘one-armed bandit’, worked his ass off in the oil industry, long hours, no vacations, so his fat mudshark’g daughter can get banged by multiple Dindu’s (girls look nothing alike), and there is no doubt the sperm-donors are no where to be found, or paying child support.


    2. Poor bastard. Probably a decent enough guy that he feels bewildered and guilty for feeling a vague disgust toward his own kin.

      Not the way it was meant to be, old chap…

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    3. I’ve seen a number of older white men like him down through the years. They worked very hard (his hat would lead me to believe he was an oil field worker – a very harsh profession), sacrificed for their wife and children, and in the latter years of their lives they were presented with insults like this that made a mockery of all they had done. In the end they all have that stoic or shell shocked look. Despite everything they had done, and given up, the world spiraled beyond their control and left them to try to make sense of the shattered mess that their lives became.

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  1. I’ve seen this unfortunate creature on my twitter feed. It’s got that uncanny valley thing going on where it’s obvious something is wrong but it’s hard to pinpoint it. While we’re at it, what’s with all the trannies on right wing twitter?

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  2. At first I thought she was fat and the mirror was skewing her fatty figure to make it more svelte.

    I wish it were that than what it actually is. Nuke it all, man! Some sad state of affairs we’re in.

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  3. Blaire White may be a trans but is against SJWs – including the trans SJWs that want guys in the women’s bathroom. So she, er, he, is an ally. If s/he is against Scalzi and David FATrelle then I would buy s/he(r)(im) a beer.

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    1. If she’s lost the balls (and dick) there is no harm her going in the bathroom. I’ve watched her YouTube channel and its quite good. I like her but not romantically.

      The problem with the LGBQT “community” is the targeted destruction of nuclear family and any definition of normalcy that most of them seem to be participating in. A large element of LGBQT is now directly hostile to the nuclear family which unterpins society and male involvement in it.. Perhaps that is why the old testament Jews in Deuteronomy had them put to death as at some level they realised they eventually were a direct threat. There must be a reason.

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    2. Yeah, say what you will about him, but as a practical matter, I don’t think anybody would even notice if he went into the women’s bathroom.

      The SJWs are, as per usual, trying to force their crap down everyone else’s throat.

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      1. >>>The SJWs are, as per usual, trying to force their crap down everyone else’s throat

        John Scalzi would be the leader at that but he actually has a scat fetish and prefers it when others force their crap down his throat – preferable at the end of a long d*ck after he has been the receiver. “Redshirts” was actually subtitled “You Always Go A2M.”


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